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Google Earth Description

Google Earth is a simple yet effective application that allows you to explore any location on earth with great ease. The educational software from Google lets you view satellite imagery, 3D buildings, maps, galaxies far in space, terrain, and the deepest depths of oceans right from your PC. It gives you the authority to browse all of these and enjoy the view of Sky, Moon and Mars.

The latest version of Google Earth comes with fluent navigations and enables you to look around, zoom-in or out, and move into any location as per your choice. Along with this, it assists you with the animated shadows moving across the landscape. With its historical imagery, you can go back in time as well.

What’s more, the maths and science software helps you find the locations you want to reach, including schools, parks, hotels, markets, and many more along with driving directions. In addition, you’re able to save the regions which you like and share your favorites with your friends and family members.

Assisting with a view from the street maps to the largest cities and even beneath oceans, the satellite maps software makes the world so small and gives you an access to have a look at all the spots around the world with a simple mouse click. Download Google Earth today to know the world better than anytime.

Key features of Google Earth

 > Ability to discover various locations on the earth

 > Explores rich geographical content

 > Dives under the surface of ocean

 > Allows you to pilot between Stars, Moon, and Mars

 > Can fly in 3D around the cities or the whole world

 > Can fly a plane with flight simulator

 > Lets you view animated shadows as move across the landscape

 > Flash videos in placemark balloons

 > Cross-platform

The Pros

 > Intuitive and user-friendly interface

 > Lets you fly anywhere on earth to view maps, terrain, 3D building, etc.

 > You can tilt or rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings

 > Easily zoom-in/zoom-out on/off any location

 > Offers driving directions for the place you want to reach

 > You can save your toured places and share them with others

 > Multilingual support

The Cons

 > Too much detail of important places and buildings can lead to security concerns

 > Some users believe that it is violating their privacy by providing close-ups of their property

 > CPU and RAM resources consumption is generally high

The Bottom Line

Google Earth is an easy-to-use program that enables you to move around and view the world with satellite images and high-resolution graphics. With the help of this application, you’re able to explore, search, and discover any region on earth.

Offering robust search engines, street view, lots of information, and a plenty of images, it is one of the best ways to find and discover the world we live in. Overall, Google Earth for Windows is the perfect software solution if you want to look almost each and every corner of the earth.

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