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Mozy Description

Mozy is a secure and reliable online backup service to backup your valuable data easily. The application helps you to protect your data from several problems such as accidental deletion, viruses, file corruption, theft, hardware failure, etc.

You can backup at least 2GB of data that you wish to prevent from any potential threat. The system tool automatically backs up your files to its secure servers at regular basis. Furthermore, users can also schedule updates for backing up their data.

MozyHome allows you to backup files online as well as on a disk drive connected to your Windows system. By doing so, you are able to restore your data either online or offline. Download Mozy for Windows to safeguard your important data from any damage.

The cloud data protection service lets you restore files not only from web client, but also from the desktop program. The application includes a ‘Restore’ option, providing you with a file tree view of your backed up data which you can download or replace on your system with a single click.

You can also receive emails or alerts when your restore requests are ready to download. The backup & recovery software is available on several platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Salient Features of Mozy

 > Mozy 2xProtect – Automatically back up files to an external drive and to Mozy Tritanium Cloud for double protection of your data

 > Mozy Sync – Includes file sync along with mobile access. You can save your files to Mozy Sync folder and they are automatically available on all of your Android and iOS devices

 > Anywhere Access – Makes your files available to you when you are away from your computer

 > Mozy Data Shuttle – Quickly transfers large amount of data over the wire

 > Administrative Tools – Create and manage storage pools, user groups, robust reporting, and much more

The Pros

 > Military-grade security

 > Back up open as well as locked files

 > Encrypts all files before storage

 > Fast processing

 > Customizable user interface

The Cons

 > Doesn’t support Linux

 > Can’t be used to back up data directly from CD/DVD disks, memory cards, USB stick, etc.

 > Provides only 30 days to recover data after deletion

The Bottom Line

Mozy remote backup provides a convenient way to keep your personal and professional data safe by automatically and regularly backing it up. In other words, the system recovery software acts as a second line of defense for your data against various forms of malware.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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