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Piriform Defraggler Description

Piriform Defraggler is a disk defragmentation tool for Windows that defrags particular folders and files or entire hard drives. The software monitors the performance and maintenance of your system’s disc drives and SSDs. It is completely portable and compact. The interactive drive map with legend is something you will find engaging and worth use.

The system tool is compatible with NTFS and FAT32 file systems. It features fast and full-features defrag options and integrate easily with Windows Explorer. After the recent updates were introduced, the file management utility has become more useful by adding features, including Quick Optimize for SSD, enhanced detection of files lacking extensions, and capability to view other disc data during operations.

Piriform Defraggler Free Download to perform defragmentation operations of files or complete hard disk. It will ultimately boost your system’s speed and performance as well. The Windows software aims on exactly what you need. The drive map shows empty, but not fragmented blocks that need to be defragged. It also organizes empty disk space to avoid fragmentation and lets you schedule defragmentation process daily, weekly, or monthly.

Piriform Defraggler key features

 > Optimized 64-bit builds for Windows 8 and Windows 10

 > Easy working with HDD and SSD, compatible with NTFS and FAT32 file system

 > Schedule defrags process – You can also set up time and the system will get defragmented while you sleep. So wake up with a faster and safer PC

 > Customizable options – You get full-fledged features set with several capabilities. From having full control over which drives, files and folders you want to defrag, to using the default settings or letting Defraggler finish the work for you; you can do anything.

 > Provides full Windows OS and Multi-lingual support

 > Available in 37 different major languages

 > Boot time defrag of your system files

 > Quick Defrag option for an instant touch-up to your hard drive


 > Better performance and analysis

 > Enhanced management structure and memory usage

 > Intuitive GUI

 > File relocation option to move large size files to the back of the disc for quicker access of useful and oft-used data

 > Quick optimize option for SSD comes handy for older SSDs that no longer support TRIM or for existing Windows XP systems

 > Windows shell integration replaces in-built Windows defragmentation tool and add the software to context menus


 > Old – Feels quaint at times in the age of terabyte drives and SSDs. Larger archives benefits from better housekeeping and organization

 > Defragging SSDs may harm the longevity and durability of SSDs

The bottom line

The system tuning tool for Windows optimizes your hard disks to offer you a faster access. It automatically updates to the latest version available. Given the wide array of feature the defragmentation software offers, it is highly recommended for home users.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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