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WorldWide Telescope Description

Explore the universe, its planets, nebulae, or constellations from the comfort of your computer with Microsoft WorldWide Telescope. From desktop to full dome planetarium, the astronomy application brings together imagery from the world’s best ground and space-based telescopes on planets, and consolidates it with 3D navigation.   

You can experience the described guided tours from educators and astronomers, by highlighting fascinated spots in the cosmos. The universe exploring program even lets you research and import your own data, as well as visualize it. After visualization, you can create a virtual tour to share with others. Download WorldWide Telescope now and get set to travel across the universe.  

The educational software blends terabytes of images, stories, and information from numerous sources into an immersive, seamless, and rich media experience. WorldWide Telescope (WWT) for Windows is created with the Microsoft Visual Experience Engine to help you navigate the sky by panning and zooming functions, or to explore the entire solar system in a three-dimensional view.

Wrapped in a modern and attractive interface, the math and science software lets you see the X-ray view of sky and zoom into bright radiation clouds to make your sky journey memorable. You can also switch to the Hydrogen Alpha view to see illumination and distribution of the ancient hydrogen cloud structures.

Key features of WorldWide Telescope

 > Provides access to hundreds of terabytes of sky, earth, and planet data

 > Allows you to view, create, and edit guided tours

 > You can experience the journey of 2000 years forward and backward in time

 > Support for WMS time Series images

 > Includes six modes for navigating: Sky, Earth, Panoramas, Planets, Solar System, and Sandbox

 > Allows you to create your own tours with voiceovers and music

 > Facilitates touch screen navigation by using touch controls

 > Provides a detailed information regarding distance, magnitude, coordinates, rise & set time of a planet

 > Supports Xbox 360 controllers

 > Integrates with Microsoft Translator (MT), allowing you to access WWT in 38 different languages

 > Features Layerscape option that provides a cloud-based user experience to make it easy to create and share 3D geo-based data visualization with time series

The pros

 > 3D Solar System view with moon orbits, asteroids, and planetariums

 > Provides MIDI controller support

 > Enhanced animation and transition control

 > Support for both earth based as well as sky based visualization

The cons

 > Zooming with the mouse wheel is inaccurate

 > Canceling the download of a guided tour may crash the program

The bottom line

WorldWide Telescope is a feature-rich application that represents the major step towards the democratization of science, allowing you to explore wonders of the universe. Gaze at twinkling stars, planets, and dark-holes right from your system and experience the wonderful sky journey like never before. The Windows software works as an interactive teaching & learning tool for science educators, while it has proved its worth as a virtual telescope for astronomers & geo-researchers. 

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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