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Adblock Plus for Google Chrome Description

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is the Chrome extension of the popular ad-blocking utility AdBlock. ABP improves your Web browsing experience by removing all unnecessary and annoying ads, such as banner ads and popups. The Chrome browser plugin also protects your online privacy by filtering out all unauthorized tracking to your network connection.

The adblocking utility is completely free to use. It additionally blocks malware from attacking your system while surfing on the Web. Adblock Plus is based on filters, which are loaded every time you visit a webpage or website. If ABP finds some advertisement elements present in the filter, it removes them to provide you an ad-free experience. The browser plugin offers a number of filters. You can even make your own filters to use with this ad-blocking app.

Adblock Plus is an open source project that features an active community, comprising of members from all over the globe, which releases frequent updates for the software. The project is licensed under the GPLv3 and doesn’t collect any data from you in exchange of its services. Download Adblock Plus for Google Chrome and enjoy a seamless ad free Web experience.

The Chrome extension provides a configurable option that allows you to set adblocking settings for individual websites/domains.

Key Features of Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

 > Advanced blocking options – ABP lets you take complete charge of blocking ads by featuring advanced blocking options like manual filter setup and whitelist formation.

 > Single-click enable/disable – The ad blocking extension icon rests on the address bar. The program can be easily enabled/disabled with a single click from there.

 > Blocks individual elements – Adblock Plus for Chrome lets you block individual elements present on a webpage.

  > Remove all types of ads – The ad blocker removes all types of advertisements, including popup and video ads.

 > Disables tracking – Prevents your browser session and history being tracked by unauthorized sources and helps you surf the Web with anonymity.

 > Customizable – You can easily customize ABP as per your preference and style.


 > Adblock Plus lets you disable harmful domains known for spreading malware and other types of security threats put online

 > ABP lets you disable social media buttons on websites that let social media websites to collect info regarding your web activity. 

 > The ad blocker lets genuine websites run a special type of legitimate ads termed as “Acceptable Ads”

 > Consumes less than 1 MB space

 > Clean and user-friendly interface

 > Speedy installation and setup

 > Works with all versions of Google Chrome


 > No premium version available

 > Some websites are marked safe on it. This means it won’t block them

The Bottom Line

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is a lightweight ad blocking utility with powerful and efficient ad blocking capabilities. It comes in handy whenever you want to get rid of those annoying ads on websites. It ranks among the most popular browser & plugins available for Chrome.

0.69 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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