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Adobe Photoshop Description

Adobe Photoshop CC is the de facto of image creating & editing in the graphics industry. The tool is best known for its comprehensive set of image editing tools and features. Photoshop is basically one of the raster image editors with some limited vector image manipulation features.

Photoshop CC lets you work with any kinds of Graphics work, ranging from applying an extensive retouch to photographs to creating vivid 3D artwork for movies and television. The image editor lets you compose and edit images in multiple layers, and offers a number of color models such as RGB, Lab color space and duotone.

In order to let you create detailed imagery, Photoshop allows you to use masks and alpha compositing. It provides support for a number of graphics file formats, including PNG, BMP and IMG. Adobe Photoshop CC also lets you work with 2 of its own image file formats, PSB and PSD.

The image editing tool lets you edit text in images, without altering other details present in it. It also allows limited working on videos. Adobe Photoshop CC’s functionality can be greatly enhanced with Photoshop plugins that are independently developed programs designed to run inside Photoshop CC and enables you to use new features. You can get this Free Image Editor to improve and expand the purpose of your images.

Salient features of Adobe Photoshop CC

 > Complete Raster Graphics Editing – Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the leading raster image editors. It offers you a comprehensive set of tools and features to work with raster graphics.

 > PSD Support – PSD stands for “Photoshop Document”. Saving an image work in PSD lets you alter all the Photoshop operations performed on the file saved in the PSD format. Also, PSD files can be exchanged with other graphics manipulation software from Adobe such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

 > Photoshop Plugins – Photoshop’s graphics manipulation capabilities can be enhanced by using programs known as Photoshop plugins that carry out a number of image manipulation tasks such as color correction and applying special effects.

 > Mobile Integration – You can easily use Adobe Photoshop CC on your mobile by making use of third-party mobile integration plugins.


 > Allows designing for 3D printing

 > Lets you process RAW images with Camera Raw

 > 3D rendering of 2D elements

 > Features 20+ image editing tools

 > Features limited video and vector graphics manipulation


 > Requires purchasing a license after the 30-day trial period

 > Not much useful for extensive vector graphics working

The Bottom Line

Adobe Photoshop, without any doubt, is one of the leading image editing tools. The image editor is suitable for all classes of digital artists, ranging from independent artists to professional designers. Add this free Image Editing Software to start creating your own set of digital artwork.

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