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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Description

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an image organizer and photo processor from Adobe Systems. The image editor is immensely popular for its elaborative image editing tools set available for organizing, retouching and viewing all your images from a single place. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom performs non-destructive image edits.

Photoshop Lightroom allows you to apply a number of retouching effects, including color balance, sharpening, B/W conversion, and red-eye effect removal. All of these operations can be performed simultaneously on a batch of images. The image editing tool even lets you arrange and organize images based on geological data.

Lightroom allows users to create enhanced digital imagery from RAW images. A number of single-click features are available in Photoshop Lightroom. Available single-click features in Adobe Lightroom are, for applying filters, effects and masks. Lightroom presents all the images present on your system via its unique collections and catalogues feature. You can Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom image management software now to start organizing all your images.

The image editor lets you extract JPG images from imported AVCHD videos, and do additional image editing. You can also make your images ready for printing by saving all images in a PDF format. The PDF can be printed in a brochure/image book/magazine format. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the image editors that offer a number of presets with the option for downloading several more.

If you haven’t much knowledge of the image editing software, you can simply go through Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorial to understand it better.

Salient features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

 > Image organization – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you organize all your images at a single place for easy management and editing.

 > RAW to image conversion – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom allows you to convert all your RAW images into a number of standard image formats such as PNG and BMP.

 > Image extraction – Photoshop Lightroom lets you pull out images from a number of video formats, including AVI, MOV and MP4. You can edit these images separately to add to your collection.

 > Support for PSD images – Lightroom allows you to import PSD images from Adobe Photoshop CC. You can give a final touch to these images, before adding them to your collection.

 > Print-ready images – Adobe Lightroom lets you create PDF-ready images.


 > Supports a number of image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc

 > Non-destructive image editing software

 > Allows the creation of slideshows with background and music addition

 > Supports GPU acceleration and advanced video slideshows

 > Compatible with Windows XP and newer versions


 > Not fit for extensive image editing work

 > No options for rendering text or 3D objects

The Bottom Line

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the most preferred image editing tools for giving a final touch to images. The image editing program also allows you to create photobooks and brochures from your photographs.

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