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Alt-Tab Thingy Description

Alt-Tab Thingy is a replacement to the popular keyword shortcut Alt-Tab that enables fast switching between applications or windows. The program comes with various useful features to help you switch between tasks quickly and easily than ever before.

The desktop utility allows you to view thumbnails of the selected window as well as a list of all open windows. You can change display settings, set your own alternative to the Tab key, change icons and program views, disable the need to press the Alt key, etc. Apart from this, the application allows you to set the mouse-scroll wheel for moving highlighted areas instead of the scrollbar.

The task switcher automatically minimizes and closes inactive Internet Explorer windows after a fixed time interval. The software also features a Preview Pane, which comes handy when you have got a lot of similar windows open simultaneously. Download Alt-Tab Thingy now to switch between your system’s windows.

The utility minimizes the current window to either the system tray or taskbar when you select another window. The latest version of Alt-Tab Thingy includes a ghosting slider that configures opacity of windows.

The widget provides an array of useful features, when it comes to navigate seamlessly within your operating system. It uses low amount of CPU and memory, thus doesn’t put any strain on your system performance.

Besides all the powerful features, the application come with one drawback that is it doesn’t offers any help file. Thus, it’s quite difficult for starters to work with the program.

Apart from the only drawback mentioned above, the utility works really fine when comes to switching between different tasks with ease. In addition, the application is quite handy for gamers as it can be disabled in a matter of seconds.

Key Features of Alt-Tab Thingy

 > Uses mouse as well as keyboard

 > Features display resolution selector that lets you change your desktop resolution with a single click

 > Drag and resize windows by clicking anywhere on the window

 > Window previews

 > Allows minimizing of windows to the system tray

 > Variable preview size

 > Use cursor keys to make your selection

 > Auto-off feature

 > Can remove apps from the task preview using blacklist feature

 > Ghost windows!

 > Allows you to see previews above the taskbar for open windows using Taskbar previews

 > List/icon view

 > Access ATT with an alternate "Alt+Key" combination, without changing the traditional Windows Alt-Tab function

 > Mouse-wheel support

The Pros

 > Informative tooltips

 > Customizable settings

 > Fast switching between tasks

The Cons

 > No help manual for starters

The Bottom Line

Alt-Tab Thingy is one of the best desktop widgets to access and organize your different applications and windows easily. It is compatible with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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