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anonymoX Description

anonymoX is a simple and efficient Browser extension that lets you browse the Web anonymously. Most websites monitor the user activity, giving the website hosts the power to analyze the user behavior and create detailed user profiles, which are often sold to third parties.

Essentially, anonymoX is an Internet application which can restore your right to anonymity on the Web. It helps you keep your confidential information and visited sites away from the prying eyes. anonymoX for Firefox and chrome makes this possible by hiding your IP address.

The main issue with most of the proxies and IP hiders is that they are complicated to set up and slow down browsing. But, this Browser and plugin installs as a regular addon, and automatically generates a random identity. By clicking on the anonymoX icon besides the address bar, you are able to pick a random IP from the list provided.

The Windows App redirects all requests sent by your browser in such a way that they cannot be traced back to you. This means that the hosts will not get any information from your end, thus ensuring your privacy. Moreover, you can even visit websites that have been blocked for some locations.

When enabled, you’ll be able to choose a random IP, delete cookies and view your public IP, just to make your online activity much safer. Download anonymoX for a better and more private online surfing.

The key features of anonymoX

 > Lets you browse the Internet anonymously

 > You can easily change your IP address

 > It allows you to visit censored or blocked sites

 > You can appear to be originating from other nation with only a few mouse clicks

 > Easily delete cookies, show your public IP and change browser ID

 > The program requires no proxy or complex configuration

 > Firefox addon enables you to set separate settings for each website.

The Pros

 > Easy to use and lightweight program

 > You can choose between geographical locations

 > Very fast

The Cons

 > Not very flexible

The Bottom Line

With anonymoX you can enjoy all your favorite websites, without having to be concerned about your online activity being monitored and traced by third party. Hence, it prevents companies that attempt to send you advertisements by spying on your online activities. 

The level of security this security software provides is more than sufficient to ensure that your personal data remains private without compromising with the browsing speed. If you are worried about your privacy online, you should give free anonymoX software a try.

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