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Apache HTTP Server Description

Developed, operated and maintained by an extremely active open community of Web developers as per the guidelines of The Apache Software Foundation, the Apache HTTP Server is a Web Server available for use on a diversity of operating platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, and OS X. As one of the most sought after open-source HTTP server, it offers extensible, efficient and highly secure server solutions to deliver HTTP services in sync with latest HTTP standards. The web server sports an exquisite range of multi-purpose features, the majority of them being offered as compiled modules to ensure the functionality of the Web server is extended by and large. The source code for Apache is available for free, meaning you can acclimatize the server easily for their definite businesses or individual requirements. Free download Apache HTTP server and set up the right platform for yourself to launch your new web project.

Special highlights

   > Open source code, meaning you can tweak the embedded code to tune your output

   > Forms a core part of the LAMP web server solution with MySQL or PHP

   > Server-side programming language support

   > Scheme authentication

   > Easy error message configuration

   > Multiprocessing Modules for configuration maneuverability

   > Extensive public library provides scores of worthwhile add-ons

   > Common interfaces to support Python, PHP, Tcl and Perl programming languages

   > Multiple GUI support

   > Content negotiation and database authentication using DBMS

   > Password and digital certificate authentication

   > Flexible, scalable HTTP start point for any website

The Pros

   > Unlike IIS which supports only Windows, this web server is compatible with Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS

   > Seamless community support

   > Absolutely free and easy to operate

   > Open sourcing allows you to do more customizations with the Web server

   > Healthy market share

The Cons

Though it stands a bit on the upper side of IIS (Internet Information Services); the Microsoft’s web server, its close competitor, Apache is somewhat held down the reins due to the following parameters:

Stuffed Features

Compare it to MS Word which offers an avalanche of features, while no more than 10 – 15 percent of its features are used by general users across the world on a regular basis, this Web server is overstuffed with features, most of them not being used by developers on a regular basis. These feature bloats not only reduce the response time of the server but also make it a touch complex since most of the features stay unexplored by users on most occasions.

Process-based server

Being a process-based server, a separate thread is required for each simultaneous connection and this result in substantial overhead.


It is less secure as compared to other similar web developer tools like IIS.

The Bottom Line

Depending upon the requirements of your project, it’s a good call for web developers since it offers high performance and unbelievable ease of use; however, it does not offer too good support for Microsoft’s .Net. So web developers, here’s your chance to download Apache HTTP web server for free to explore its dynamic set of features.

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