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Auslogics Browser Care Description

Auslogics Browser Care is a browser & plugin utility for clearing unnecessary data stored by your web browser. It offers a simple solution to configure browser settings and remove unwanted plugins and extensions.

Almost all web browsers come with a plenty of supported toolbars and add-ons, most which are really useful. Some of them, however, can be really annoying and appears at the time when they are not required. Unwanted toolbars can considerably affect your system performance and reduce the viewable area in your browser screen. They also have the ability to track your online activity and display ads.

Auslogics Browser Care is a great maintenance tool that can help you get out of this trouble. The browser tweaking tool automatically detects web browsers installed on your system and allows you to manage each of them. It offers a modern and highly intuitive interface for rookies and professionals alike, along with an array of useful features.

In addition, the free Auslogics Browser Care is even capable of determining the safety status of a toolbar or an add-on, and lets you remove it if you want. You may also disable toolbars and extensions, clear the cache, set home page and search engine of your choice, all from an easy-to-use interface.

Before making any changes, the web browsing application automatically backs up configuration data so you can restore it at a later time. As far as the settings are concerned, you can set the program to launch at Windows startup and minimize to the system stray when closed. Moreover, you can delete old backups and set disk space usage.

Compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, the Internet utility lets you access home page, search engines, taskbar, installed extensions and the browsing history. Download Auslogics Browser Care for improving your overall online experience.

 Key features of Auslogics Browser Care

 > Quickly remove unwanted add-ons and toolbars

 > Clean cache, cookies and browser history

 > Manage home page and search engines for each browser

 > Remove temporary and unnecessary file to free up space on your hard disk

 > Reset browser settings and start again, using a Restore option

 > Supports all major browsers such as  Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

The Pros

 > Easy for beginners

 > Absolutely free

 > Saves maintenance time

The Cons

 > Doesn’t show data to be deleted

The Bottom Line

Auslogics Browser Care is an effective solution for cleaning up browser infections and provides an easy way to manage legitimate plugins. The latest version of Auslogics Browser Care lets you take control of how your browsers look and work, and saves maintenance time if you use more than one browser.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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