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Blue Iris Description

Blue Iris is one of the best video security and webcam software for Windows, renowned for its top-notch remote management, alert action list, UI refresh, and a lot more. The software (premium tier) can utilize up to 64 cameras at the same time, including analog cards, webcams, Windows desktop, and network IP cams.

The Parental Control Software for Windows is helpful for keeping a guarding eye over your family from a remote place. It can easily be integrated with your mobile phone so that wherever you are, your loved ones are always in the sight. It captures snapshots with different extensions such as JPEG. Similarly, you can also capture video clips with file formats, Windows Media, advanced DVR, MP4, and AVI.

The latest version 5 features a redesigned UI that powerfully shows all the options, screens, and panels. Download Blue Iris and ensure your family’s safety from a distant place just like you do when you are near.

Key Features of Blue Iris

 > Remote Management – You can view the recorded videos and your setup cameras from a remote place

> Alert Action Lists – Promptly and smartly send alerts about cameras and surrounded situations

> Mobile Access – Access (view, listen, and talk) the live and recorded videos through your mobile phone from anywhere. You can navigate cameras remotely and do multiple installations

> Video Security – You can record periodically or continuously through audio and motion sensing features. It sends you alert messages through phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and loudspeakers

> Web Servers (UI3) – Built-in web servers are extremely convenient for making the software accessible from anywhere. It automatically adjusts if IP gets modified and gives you a detailed log of history

> Clip Management Updates – Many useful updates are received on the timeline such as the benefit of images transported right on the clip tracks and advanced zoom in feature

> Viewer Playback Controls – You can slide the speed control to right to speed up and move forward or to left to slow down or go backward

> Camera Configuration Synchronization – You can modify settings for one camera and automatically have these settings applied to other cameras as well

> Global Volume Control – Control the live volume of multiple cameras at once with adjustment settings

> High-FPS group stream options

> Dual-streaming for high-MP camera

> Securely encrypted passwords option


> The setup is very easy

> It lets you set alarms to receive images on your phone

> The video clarity is great

> It supports most major camera such as Nest


> Not cloud-based

> Video recording sometimes stops working on old versions

The Bottom Line

The Video Security Management app for PC is a useful and first-class software that works great for anyone who needs to manage their home or workplace security remotely. The camera security app has been well-known for its advanced updates and the ability to stay relevant to the new requirements of users.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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