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Broadcom Bluetooth Description

Broadcom Bluetooth is a simple and easy-to-use Bluetooth application from Broadcom. Broadcom Bluetooth provides enhanced data rates than other Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth messaging software lets you easily connect with and manage multiple Bluetooth devices.

Broadcom Bluetooth is preferred by millions of users across the world. Thanks to Bluetooth’s low energy consumption and ability to detect even low-power signal that makes it one of the most preferred Bluetooth tool. The general Bluetooth even doesn’t require any kind of clear line of sight in-between the synced devices.

The Bluetooth-based tool is well suited to transfer data between two devices in close proximity. The device driver provides support for any Broadcom device installed across several Windows iterations, ranging from the legendary Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 version.

The Bluetooth utility is small in size and requires only a few MBs of disk space. In addition, it is completely free to use. Updating the software is also very simple, requires an active connection and only a few minutes to complete. It automatically notifies you if an update is available.

Salient features of Broadcom Bluetooth

   > Completely free – Broadcom Bluetooth is completely free to use. The Bluetooth application doesn’t support any kind of advertisements.

   > Accelerated data rates – The Bluetooth driver allows you to have accelerated data rates for exchanging files over any Broadcom Bluetooth device.

   > No wireless network interference – Broadcom Bluetooth reduces the probability of having some wireless connection interference with the Bluetooth connection.

   > 100% secure –The tool is completely safe to use and doesn’t brings any kind of viruses or other security threats.

   > Compatible with almost all Broadcom Bluetooth devices – Broadcom Bluetooth provides support for almost all Broadcom built Bluetooth devices. A one-stop solution for all your Bluetooth driver needs.


   > Regular updates are brought to the Bluetooth utility over time. These updates include new features, bug fixes and functionality enhancement changes among other important changes made in the general Bluetooth software.

   > The device driver allows for easy manipulation of Bluetooth. It continuously tracks all the activity happening with connected devices.

   > No additional software is required to use the simple utility program. Broadcom Bluetooth driver lets you control and manage your Broadcom Bluetooth devices with ease.

   > Broadcom Bluetooth lets you organize and keep track of all Bluetooth devices connected with your Broadcom Bluetooth device.


   > Works only with Broadcom Bluetooth devices

The Bottom Line

This device is as secure as it come and offers no risk of intrusion or theft of data. It lets you easily manage all the connected devices and track their activity.

Download Broadcom Bluetooth now and improve your Bluetooth experience.

3.97 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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