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Java Runtime Environment
Oracle - 0.55 MB (Freeware)

Java is a platform-independent, object-oriented, multi-threaded programming environment.

Adobe AIR
Adobe Systems Inc - 11.00 MB (Freeware)

Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime system to build desktop and mobile applications. The program allows you to keep your favorite web applications with you all the time. It is the most suitable desktop utility to run programs designed for Adobe AIR.

Flash Player
Adobe Systems Inc. - 1.14 MB (Freeware)

Adobe Flash Player is an extremely adaptable, efficient and powerful multi-platform client runtime that suits the needs of beginner as well as seasoned professionals. The latest version of the free plugin packs a set of compelling features and improvements to the older ones.

Microsoft - 6.64 MB (Freeware)

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool for developers to create interactive Web and Mobile applications. The Browser & plugin utility is a decent alternative to Adobe Flash for providing advanced multimedia content management.

Shockwave Player
Adobe Systems Inc - 4.77 MB (Freeware)

Adobe (Macromedia) Shockwave Player is a free, fast and efficient browser plug-in that helps users enjoy interactive animations and a wide range of other web content such as presentations, software tutorials, games, etc.