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Capsa Free Network Analyzer Description

Capsa Free Network Analyzer is an easy-to-use network packet sniffer especially designed for troubleshooting and network monitoring.

The application comes with intuitive GUI and offers real-time network traffic display. Also, it keeps an eye on things and alerts in case any network problem has been detected. It automatically send an email or play sound to timely notify you if something is going wrong on your network.

It monitors the entire network from one remote platform and manages to distribute networks from one location. It monitors all the details regarding network traffic and network bandwidth in numbers and graphs.

In addition, it captures all transmitted network packets and shows details about packet decoding information in ASCII, Hex and EBCDIC. The application comes wrapped in various types of inquiry profiles like HTTP, e-mail, FTP, DNS and full analysis.

After completing an analysis, it allows you to have a look at detailed summary reports, including total traffic, number of error events, number of remote and local IP addresses, packet size distribution, data link, transport and presentation layers, SMTP & POP3 connections, DNS queries & responses, and many more.

Key features of Capsa Free Network Analyzer

  > Efficient to analyse network capabilities

  > Monitors dashboard

  > Performs real-time packet capturing

  > Offers around the clock network monitoring

  > Provide in-depth packet decoding

  > Efficiently detects network vulnerabilities

  > Able to diagnose 40 kinds of network problems

  > Supports multiple adapters

  > Capable of  supporting over 300 protocols

  > Uses less system resources and not burdened your system

All in all, Capsa Free Network Analyzer, developed by Colasoft, helps you monitor, analyze and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks with ease. This fully-featured application is able to diagnose and fix network related problems in a matter of seconds by detecting and locating suspicious hosts.

Download Capsa Free Network Analyzer to easily analyze your network and get information for monitoring and troubleshooting.

64.20 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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