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CodeLobster PHP Edition Description

CodeLobster PHP Edition is a powerful developer tool specially designed to help web developers and web designers create and edit PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. The utility is widely used by professionals all over the world for various PHP development purposes.

This simple and reliable code editor from developer CodeLobster Software offers support for Drupal CMS, Smarty template engine, Joomla CMS, JQuery library, Twig, CodeIgniter framework, Laravel framework, Symfony framework, CakePHP framework, Phalcon framework and the WordPress blogging platform.

With CodeLobster PHP Edition, PHP development has become a lot easier. Now, there is no need to remember the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attributes. They are already implemented for you in the editor with auto-complete features. Apart from this, the program has a powerful debugger, dynamic help, HTML inspector, advanced autocomplete and a Class View window for comfortable work with mixed code. You can download CodeLobster PHP edition for Windows and spare yourself from the need to remember the name of each and every class and function you come across and make the process of coding in PHP a lot easier.

The developer application for Windows has an intuitive interface, which means even the beginners can easily operate it. Apart from this, you can find a lot of help material on the web to get along with the tool.

Key features of CodeLobster PHP Edition

 > PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code highlighting

 > PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code collapsing

 > CSS autocomplete

 > HTML autocomplete

 > HTML/CSS code inspector

 > Pair highlighting

 > PHP Advanced autocomplete

 > Code folding

 > HTML toolbar

 > Class ViewPreview in a browser

 > File Explorer with FTP/SFTP support

 > PHP debugger to validate your code locally

The Pros

 > Simple and easy to use

 > Lightweight app

 > Special support for various file formats and platforms

Bottom Line

CodeLobster PHP Edition is one of the best code editors out there. It is simple, lightweight, and offers support for all popular platforms and classes. Using the application, you can easily create and edit different files. You no longer need to remember the name of each and every function, argument or attribute, as you can easily access them using the autocomplete feature of the program. Moreover, if you are facing any issue with the program, you can launch the help information by pressing F1.

In simple words, the editor will make the coding process much simple and easier than ever. You must use the utility at least once. You’ll definitely enjoy working with it.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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