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Comodo Programs Manager Description

Comodo Programs Manager is the most effective system tool that allows you to completely remove unwanted programs, drivers, services and Windows components from your machine.

The cleaning & tweaking tool can help you free up your valuable disk space and clean your computer from remnants of previously installed apps. Comodo Programs Manager lets you view a list of all the installed applications on your PC and perform uninstall operations without leaving behind any leftovers. You can monitor your system for any changes and manage all the installed apps, services, and drivers.

When you’ve run this Windows software, it scans your hard drive and provides you with a content summary screen. The full version of Comodo Programs Manager displays a summary of all the installed apps, drivers, services, and Windows features in its main window, enabling you to have a glance on the occupied disk space and check for available updates for OS.

Comodo Programs Manager for Windows can monitor and record every change that a program makes to your PC so that it can just reverse those changes when it’s time to uninstall. One of the best features of this app management tool is that it creates a backup of files, folders, and registry entries whenever a program is uninstalled. It allows you to easily restore any program you’ve mistakenly uninstalled.

Download Comodo Programs Manager today to monitor and manage all the installed applications, drivers, and services on your PC.

You can also use this program manager to get detailed information about all the installed drivers as well as running services. Moreover, you can also view all the Windows features, activate or disable them. You can enable, disable, and update software, as well as remove broken installations or failed uninstalls that clutter your HDD and the registry.

Key features of Comodo Programs Manager

 > Completely deletes partial uninstalls

 > Monitors and records every change so that it can be totally undone at the time of uninstallation

 > Detects and removes unwanted junk files

 > Restores uninstallations safely

 > On-access scanner alerts you if a setup file has viruses, worms, or Trojans

 > Features advanced monitoring tools that can keep track of changes to your system while installing an app

 > Ability to create custom installer packages from already installed programs

 > Enables you to view the Windows features, activate or disable them

 > Real-time system monitoring

The Pros

 > Helps you organize the apps and software on your PC

 > You can view and uninstall programs on your computer

 > Manages Windows features easily

 > You can clean your system of the unwanted remains of uninstalled applications

 > Securely removes any programs on your PC

The Cons

 > Lacks stability

The Bottom Line

Comodo Programs Manager is one of the useful Windows applications that helps you organize your installed programs and your system as well. You can use it to manage programs and Windows features in a user-friendly interface. Besides, you’re able to start the uninstall process and remove an application from your PC with just a click. Overall, it provides you with a better way to manage your computer.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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