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DAX Studio Description

DAX Studio is a great developer tool that allows you to visualize tables as they appear during the computation, and helps you diagnose the issues. It comes with an array of tools, including Object Browser, formula and measure editing, query editing and execution, syntax highlighting, integrated tracing and query execution breakdowns.

This excellent DAX editor for Excel lets you connect to any tabular model, examine the metadata, and troubleshoot problems. Once installed, the DAX Studio add-in appears in the Add-ins tab of the Excel ribbon. The tabular model can be viewed through DAX Studio and the structure of the model is visible from the model explorer.

The outputs are generally obtained on an excel sheet. You can choose both the output method and the target destination through the drop down menus. The Output Method allows results to be outputted as a Query Table, Static results, Grid, and Validate, which validates the command. On the other hand, Output Target specifies the destination where the results are to be sent.

Connecting to a Tabular Server is an easy task with this DAX Studio for Windows. You can manage the current server connection through the server icon and the active Model identified though the model drop down. When you establish a connection with a server, the editor populates the allowed models.

The connection dialog in DAX Studio editor enables you to connect to PowerPivot. For this, you need to launch DAX Studio from a PowerPivot Pivot Table. If you do not choose to open DAX Studio from a PowerPivot Pivot, you will not be able to use a tabular model contained in the workbook.

Another feature worth noticing is the built-in SSAS Dynamic Management Views which can query both to OLAP and Tabular servers. The DMV queries can be run using the existing OLAP servers, and the DMV tab reveals different schemas. Download DAX Studio to easily identify and resolve DAX queries.

Key features of DAX Studio

 > A docking control lets you move documents and tools as per your need

 > Multi-threaded interface helps you work on different queries in separate windows

 > DAX Studio ribbon is split into a number of functional groups

 > Server timing trace button enables you to view the query timing from the server perspective

 > Captures and displays the query plan trace events from a SSAS Tabular server

The Pros

 > Modern user interface

 > Periodic updates

 > Single installer for both Excel 2010 and excel 2013

The Cons

 > No cons as such

The Bottom Line

It packs an array of useful tools for developing DAX queries, querying performance statistics and unit testing. If you need to write, run, and analyze DAX queries in Power BI Designer, PowerPivot for Excel, and Analysis Services Tabular, then DAX Studio is a reliable tool for this task.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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