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Microsoft Games for Windows 7
Microsoft - 70.43 MB (Freeware)

Microsoft has launched a major release, Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE 3.5, a fresh bold move in the gaming industry. This is a freeware app for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system where Arcade Games are registered for all users of the software.

Origin - 29.94 MB (Freeware)

Origin is a simple and powerful desktop utility for purchasing and playing EA games on your PC. The software can be seen as an easy and competent replacement for EA Download Manager. Using it, you can purchase and play EA games anywhere, at any time.

Even Balance, Inc. - 0.69 MB (Freeware)

PunkBuster is an effective games application for Windows. The desktop utility is designed to offer you a perfect and seamless gaming experience. It is a professional anti-cheat system for multiplayer games that detects and removes cheaters while playing games online.

EA Download Manager
Electronic Arts Inc. - 33.53 MB (Freeware)

Download managers comes in great use for grabbing your favorite games content online. Using them is no longer an issue for power PC users. Yet downloading multiple files simultaneously becomes painful at times.

Cheat Engine
Cheat Engine - 11.30 MB (Freeware)

Cheat Engine is a free, open-source tool tailor-made for fames mods and much more. The gaming software lets you add special effects and touch-ups to your video games. It additionally offers a set of tools for debugging software and games.