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DNS Angel Description

DNS Angel is a handy utility for Windows that lets you block inappropriate Internet content with the help of a single click. This parental control software performs its job by changing the DNS servers to three of the safest DNS services. DNS Angel is developed by German company Sordum and is an important tool to make browsing experience less harmful for your children. Free download DNS Angel now to benefit from its following salient features:

> Switching servers:

The software lets you use third party servers like OpenDNS, MetaCert or Norton ConnectSafe in place of your default server.

> Malware Protection:

DNS Angel protects not only against bad Internet content but also fights against malware that may affect your computer.

> Attractive design:

DNS Angel has a very intuitive and minimalistic design. All the functions are available within a single window.

> Easy handling:

Working with the application is like a breeze. Just launch the application and make your choice for DNS server. One can select each DNS server using the corresponding button available on the interface.

> Effective symbolization:

DNS Angel shows your present DNS by default. Further, it shows its potential privacy and security status in the form of a skull and crossbones symbol. This symbol conveys that you are currently unprotected.

> Clarity of status:

When you click on a button meant for third party DNS server, the button turns green. A heart sign appears under the Status area, which conveys that the connection is safe. DNS Angel displays the new DNS address along with the provider’s name once you switch to any of the available DNS servers.

> No installation required:

One doesn’t need to install DNS Angel on one’s system: it can run directly. Further, you don’t need to configure this application.

> No flushing required:

You don’t need to flush your current DNS server before activating a new one. That means you don’t have to revert to the default server before switching to new one.

> Restore DNS:

Just click the ‘Restore DNS’ button and get your default DNS anytime. Thus you don’t need to worry about the default settings of your PC.

The Pros

DNS Angel is a portable application that makes the complex task of switching DNS servers a cakewalk. Further, it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows.

The Cons

Users looking for too many options in their parental control applications may not like the software.

Bottom line

The software is quite powerful in protecting your children from pornographic sites and adult content. It is an easy-to-use utility for running a safer connection.

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