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Download Accelerator Plus Description

Download Accelerator Plus is one of the most effective download managers developed by SPEEDBit. The Windows software is best known for accelerating downloads with its patented multi-channel technology. It makes use of parallel mirror sites in order to boost downloads.

This download managing tool for PC can boost your Internet download speed using HTTP and FTP, and with the new Mirroring Speed Boost, it is able to search and use faster download sources while you download. In addition, DAP improved its download security with SPEEDBit’s Multi Antivirus (MAV) Analysis, a program which shows your downloads rated by the world’s top antivirus applications.

Download Accelerator Plus for Windows has the ability to grab videos from several popular video hosting services such as YouTube, Metacafe, and Vimeo. The application features a built-in video converter so you can download a video from YouTube and quickly convert it into a format that you can watch later on your system. It allows you to convert videos into a number of formats for free. Moreover, you can also convert a video into an MP3 file.

The download manager for Windows automatically searches for the fastest download sources and switches to faster mirror sites during the download. Apart from this, the program can also be customized using a number of video expansions and add-ons.

Download Accelerator Plus’s full version offers a decent set of features, and there are also multiple add-ons you can install to customize the tool to suit your specific requirements and usage patterns. One of the most useful features in this downloading utility is that it comes equipped with an integrated web browser that considerably reduces the time spent looking for files you would like to download. Furthermore, it also searches for mirror servers and requests the file from multiple sources at the same time for the fastest possible transfer speeds.

Download DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) today to quickly download various files.

Other valuable features of the latest version of DAP include the ability to preview your files before they finish downloading. You are able to preview audios, videos, and many other media content while the download is still in progress. Moreover, you can also start watching a video as it continues to download in the background. This downloading manager for PC allows you to share your downloaded files with your friends without any hassle.

Once the downloading process has been started, you are given real-time information about the download progress and of your total download speed. You can also access more specific information in an additional window where downloads are organized in individual tabs that tell you about the estimated time left, the speed, and the transfer rate for every connection.

DAP comes with a simple yet intuitive UI that can be easily navigated by both beginners as well as power users alike. The app’s main window offers a list at your disposal where files are displayed according to a sorting criterion of your choice, providing information such as name, size, progress, and date of creation.

For enhanced ease of access, you are provided with the possibility to create folders in which specific formats are downloaded by default. There are many presets available to sort software, music, compressed files, images, videos, and documents. On top of that, you can also copy and paste any video URL into the program and it will then simply grab the raw video file and downloads it onto your PC. Its patented, multi-channel technology empowers you to download videos, photos, and music files with a higher level of speed and efficiency. The Internet software is easy to handle and does not require any specific knowledge in computing. It keeps all your downloads and organizes them by category.

DAP is available in 40 different languages. The application’s Link Checker enables you to check a download link before you actually start downloading the file. Link Checker allows you to avoid broken, removed, and expired links.

Key features of Download Accelerator Plus

 > DAPsters manager: The program allows you to easily download files from hosting websites like With DAP, you don’t need to wait for several minutes for the download link to appear

 > Built-in web browser: The application features an inbuilt web browser which enables you to surf the web while your download is in progress

 > Video preview, download and conversion: DAP enables you to preview videos while they are being downloaded. The software also grabs video files from videos hosting services like Metacafe and YouTube. Once the download has been completed, you can convert the downloaded videos into different video formats

 > Download history: Never lose track of even a single download with DAP’s elaborative download history. It presents a complete view of all downloads made using DAP along with an advanced browsing interface for quick and easy navigation

 > Video to MP3 conversion: The software even allows you to rip MP3 audios from video. You just need to click on the ‘Download as MP3’ button for a video file in order to process the download

 > While you download, the application ensures your PC is using maximum bandwidth by downloading from parallel mirror sites

 > Supports various popular browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

 > Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows XP

Some additional features include

 > Resumes broken or interrupted downloads

 > Resumes all paused downloads at once

The Pros

 > Easy and smooth navigations

 > Enables you to preview all your videos while downloading

 > Ability to accelerate downloads with its patented acceleration technology

 > Automatic Mirroring Speed Boost

 > Accelerates your downloads to the fastest possible speed

 > Automatically switches to fastest mirror sites available during downloads

 > Allows you to organize your downloads in categories

 > You can schedule your download processes

 > DAP Link Checker lets you avoid broken or expired download links

 > Helps you keep your downloaded files organized

 > You are able to play audio and video files while they download

 > Lets you share your downloads with your friends

 > Supports multiple downloads and download sources

 > Available in over 40 different languages

The Cons

 > Most of the features are available as add-ons

 > Features advertisements in the downloading window, which eats up a fraction of downloading speed and feels annoying at the same time

The Bottom Line

Download Accelerator Plus is a consumer app that makes sure your system uses maximum bandwidth to accelerate downloads by using parallel mirror sites for downloading your files. This file transfer tool allows accelerating the download process so as to quickly obtain a file from the Internet. You can also watch previews of videos as they download.

Furthermore, the tool integrates its own web browser that permits you to navigate the web and look for the files you wish to download. In addition, DAP’s integrated scheduler enables you to download files and organize all your download sessions with ease. This results in downloading of the desired files at very high speeds.

The program offers you improved download speed for any type of file, user-friendly interface, as well as protects your privacy at the same time. Overall, DAP makes downloading all types of files convenient than ever by increasing speed.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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