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Easy-Hide-IP Description

Easy-Hide-IP is a free network utility that helps you hide your IP address to keep your information safe while using the Internet. The software protects your identity by changing your original IP address and location with a new one.

The networking tool provides you an extensive list of sorted addresses on the basis of signal strength. You can select anyone from them or the one that is working best with your Internet connection. Moreover, you can change your address for a specific time interval using this networking tool.

The IP tool and scanner makes you unidentifiable over the network by securely routing your Internet traffic using BlowFish encryption. There is no limit on data transmission and you can encrypt unlimited amount of data. The application can work with 4 protocols: OpenVPN-TCP, OpenVPN-UDP, PPTP and Classic. You can choose any protocol for your network as per your need. Download Easy-Hide-IP and get rid of identity theft issue while surfing the web.

The latest version of Easy-Hide-IP secures your identity over almost any network using its more than 60 servers located in 17 different countries around the world. Easy-Hide-IP allows you to access the web from a different location, without using your own. The tool allows you to access any online content that is restricted in your location, by choosing your IP address from a compatible location.

Key Features of Easy-Hide-IP

 > Replaces your original IP with a new one

 > Lets you add your frequently used servers in favorite list

 > Provides data rate of about 10 mb/s

 > You can set the tool to automatically change your IP address after a fixed time interval

 > Permits you to view TV programs that are restricted within your geographical location

 > Works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

 > Provides high-rate security using BlowFish encryption algorithm

 > Hides surfing details from ISPs as well as network administrators

 > Email support         

 > Enables you to include or exclude URLs and browsers in order to hide IP

 > Lets you view IPs from a specific country

The Pros

 > User-friendly interface

 > Includes help files

 > Compatible with all popular platforms such as Windows , Mac, Android and iOS

 > Uses less system resources

The Cons

 > Nag screen

 > Changing your network configuration may affect your system

The Bottom Line

Easy-Hide-IP provides you the most effective way to remain anonymous while browsing the web. It routes your Internet traffic through a series of servers, making it impossible to track by hackers, advertisers and snoops.

The IP changer hides your identity over the network by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) within your shared or public network. Thanks to its comprehensive help manuals that make it easy to use for both novices as well as professionals.

6.60 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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