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Evernote Description

EverNote is an award-winning office tool that lets you create, manage, synchronize and update notes and clips at one single location. The utility lets you capture notes and synchronize them on the cloud so that you can easily access them on any device.

The office application offers a comprehensive platform for both personal as well as business users to manage little things that matter the most in their lives.

Since Evernote also comes in a portable version, you can easily carry your notes and ideas in a USB drive. Apart from this, the program is compatible with a variety of platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which means you can easily access it from just about any device. You can even access your synchronized notes from the web interface. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account.

The note making tool possesses a simple, clean and interactive interface featuring a well-organized layout divided into multiple panels. You can do a plenty of tasks within the program like creating and assigning tags, formatting font settings, inserting tables and horizontal rules, checkboxes, as well as counting words and resources. Once your notes are generated, you can also share them via mail or post them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Apart from this you can also set source URLs, drag your notes to the Shortcut panel for quick access, create ink, audio or webcam notes and export them to different formats as well. You can download Evernote for Windows to swiftly create your notes and access them from just about anywhere on the Web.

The software works effectively and has minimal impact on system performance as well as good response time.

Key features of EverNote

 > Clean and intuitive interface

 > Effective word counter

 > Multi-panel organized layout

 > Import data from MS OneNote

 > Edit your notes with format font, hyperlinks, checkboxes, tables and many more tools

 > Email notifications 

 > Handy merge notes and spell checker options

 > Multiple language options available

The Pros

 > Lets you share notes via email or post them on social media

 > You can easily create author details, locations and set source links

 > Create webcam notes audios and URLs

 > Link your app account to other users

 > Attach files and print your notes effortlessly

 > Create notes locally or through sync

 > Drag and drop your notes to Shortcuts panel so that you can easily access them next time

Bottom Line

In simple words, Evernote is an efficient office tool that’s cleverly designed to let you easily create notes and synchronize them on the Web. The program is packed with a plethora of advanced tools and features that takes your note-making experience to a different level. Its easy portability and compatibility with variety of platforms makes the program easily accessible anytime anywhere. Also, the utility works seamless with minimal impact on system performance.

Overall, the utility is amazing. You must use it at least once!

95.80 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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