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Fiddler Description

Fiddler is a HTTP debugging proxy tool that helps you debug web applications by monitoring network traffic between the web and your system. The program lets you examine all incoming as well as outgoing data to monitor and modify requests before your browser receives them.

The networking tool includes an event-based scripting subsystem, which can be extended by using any .NET framework language. The utility uses the core proxy engine known as FiddlerCore to intercept and modify web traffic.

You can use this tool to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic, locally or remotely. The proxy server collects web and usage statistics, identifies errors, and includes various other analysis tools that provides you a complete report of the web traffic. Download Fiddler to monitor and debug your web traffic.

Besides web debugging, the network monitoring service comes with a plethora of features such as traffic recording on HTTP or HTTPS net protocols, security testing, editing and manipulation of web sessions, performance testing of net applications, etc. It allows you to create your own HTTP requests that can run through Fiddler.

You can use this software to test your web applications by decrypting either some specific sessions or all HTTP traffic. The application lets you display and modify requests by using man-in-middle decryption technique.

Key Features of Fiddler

 > Monitors HTTP or HTTPS traffic from any browser

 > Ensures that all proper headers, cookies and cache directives are transferred between server and client

 > Supports various frameworks such as .NET, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.

 > Allows you to view the total page weight of any net application

 > Debugs all HTTP traffic between your system and the Internet

 > Supports almost all popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firebox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera

 > Lets you test performance of your websites and apps

 > Permits you to manipulate and edit web sessions

 > Can also monitor the applications that use WININET protocol like Messenger and Office

 > Includes a traffic inspector that displays all the details regarding JSON, cookies, headers, XML, etc.

 > Lets you create breakpoints and notes on traffic logs for later use

The Pros

 > Enhances HTTP traffic

 > Lets you view server and browser communication with ease

 > Security testing of net applications

 > Allows you to debug traffic from your computer, MAC or Linux systems, and mobile devices

The Cons

 > Complex user interface

 > Requires powerful CPU

The Bottom Line

Fiddler is one of the best network utilities for Windows that can be used to monitor web traffic.  The web debugger tool provides a complete report, in the form of statistics, displaying all performance parameters such as amount of transmitted data (in bytes), response times, etc.  

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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