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Firefox Description

Firefox is a reliable and fast browser application which provides excellent browsing speed. It has a clean navigation mode, extensions provided by third-party developers, as well as numerous features and customization options to enhance your Internet sessions.

The web browser is flexible and gives you the freedom to spice up the interface according to your preferences. The menu button reveals major options to users such as Zoom in and out, Cut, Copy and Paste, New Windows, History, Full Screen, Options, Find, Add-ons, Print, among others. You can easily rearrange, delete or add new options to the feature list.

The Homepage provides access to a Google search box and several shortcuts such as downloads history, add-ons, bookmarks, synchronization and settings. It even includes some basic features, which are spell checker, built-in PDF reader, navigation with geolocation, integration with Pocket, and many more.

As far as the security is concerned, Mozilla Firefox features a popup blocker and an anti-phishing filter to protect your privacy. Apart from private browsing mode, you have the power to block websites from tracking you. Firefox for Windows offers a safety feature to make sure that the sites visited by you are reliable. It even verifies that your connection is secure.

You may create a Firefox account by providing an email ID and password, and confirming the validation link. Download Firefox to enjoy a smooth, secure and speedy browsing experience.

Key features of Firefox

 > Private browsing

 This mode lets you browse in a private environment where cookies, history and other things are deleted on leaving the browser

 > Download toolbar

 This enhances the way Firefox handles file downloads by displaying the time remaining for the download to be completed

 > Built-in PDF viewer

 Open a link to PDF document and the browser will load and display it in a new tab

 > Session restore 

 With this option, you will catch up with all the tabs that you closed in your previous session

 > Add-ons manager

 It manages various extensions and themes, making it easier for you to customize Firefox

 > Search engine manager

 You can quickly add or remove search engines in the Search bar to match your requirements

 > Syncing capability

 Lets you sync passwords, extensions, and even form data. The synced information is secured with end-to-end encryption

The Pros

 > Improved tabbed browsing

 > Built-in spell checker

 > Search suggestions

 > Live bookmarks

 > Web Feed (RSS) available

 > Phishing and spyware protection

 > Blocks annoying popups

The Cons

 > No support for Flash content

 > Slow loading time

The Bottom Line

The Browser and Plugin utility brings in the best combination of performance, features, security, and latest web standards. At the end, Firefox proves to be the most convenient and free web browser for rookies and power users alike.

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