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Free Image Convert and Resize Description

Free Image Convert and Resize is a popular graphic tool used for batch mode image processing. The program is compact, yet powerful and does what it does best...image resizing and conversion from one format into other. It can easily convert multiple images and folder containing images into different graphic formats as well. Not only format, but the functionality extends to reorders, renames, and it can eve change their size as per the set of parameters given.

The graphic utility for Windows is supports a number of image formats like, png, jpg, tga, gif, and pdf. If you want to process multiple images simultaneously with each of them having its own parameters like resolution, size, etc., this is the best option you have got. The image editing tool lets you get an accurate measure in pixel or in percentage terms by typing the data.

Download Free Image Converter and Resize for Windows to enjoy an adware and spyware-free conversion of images. You can also rename the files so converted or resized. While doing so, you get options to customize the new names by adding a prefix, a suffix, using upper case for the first letter of the word, or simply by replacing a word. The software is free to use and offers support to several formats as already mentioned above. Note that the PDF format is only for export purpose.

Key features of Free Image Convert and Resize

 > All-in-one converter and optimizer – the software serves multiple functions, thus, not requiring different apps for resize and conversion purpose

 > Supports multiple formats – It supports some of the most popular formats. For input also, it supports same image formats

 > Customizable – You get a decent number of customization option from renaming the file, to setting up the aspect ratio

The pros

 > Simple to use

 > Free of cost

 > Quick processing speed

 > No adware or spyware

 > Easy interface

 > Lightweight image converter for Windows

The Cons

 > Limited support for file formats

 > Lacks of customization options for interface

The bottom line

Summing up the software, Free Image Convert and Resize is a proven batch image converter that packs many benefits. It’s free and it’s secure. Converting or resizing an image using this tool is really easy.

Use the software and carry on with your file conversion and image resizing requirements with an easy way. Considering the free cost, it is a great option to manage your need for a decent image editor.

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