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Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome Description

Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome is popular among top browser and plugins. The plugin lets you fetch all your favorite YouTube videos uploaded prior to the last formatting of hard disk. The Chrome-based extension can be readily installed and used for grabbing videos from any YouTube channel. The Chrome extension requires only a few MBs of your storage space, and feeds on a very tiny amount of system resources.

The Chrome plugin lets you download YouTube videos in a number of formats, including MP4, FLV and 3GP. You can also decide the resolution at which you desire to have the YouTube video downloaded. Available resolutions are 144p, 360p, and 480p. The extension works on Chrome and all other Chromium-based browsers such as Torch Browser and Comodo Dragon.

Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome offers a very simple and classic interface, which takes hardly 5-10 minutes for anyone to get accustomed to. It has a single screen interface, which lets you control all the features offered by the application from one single place. No ads are served by the YouTube videos download application.

The Chrome plugin adds a download button just below the YouTube video you wish to download. Simply, click on the downward arrowhead next to Download for selecting the quality and resolution you wish to have in the video. You can download Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome now to start building your videos collection.

Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome is available for Windows XP SP3 and newer versions. If you are a firefox user, then you can also opt for Free YouTube Downloader for Mozilla.

Salient features of Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome

 > Automatic Grabbing – Soon after the Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome installation is finished, you can use it instantly. When you’ll open a YouTube video link in your Chrome browser, the plugin will be already grabbing the video. You need to select only the format and quality, and then hit the Download button.

 > Download Original Video – Other than allowing you to download YouTube videos into a number of converted formats, the plugin lets you download the video in original resolution and quality as well.

 > Seamless Chrome Integration – The plugin gets seamlessly integrated with the functionality of Chrome, allowing you to make full use of the application without the need of altering any settings.

 > Support for Chromium-based Browsers – Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome can also be used with other browsers having a Chromium-based core.


 > Requires a feeble amount of CPU resources

 > Free flow navigation

 > Lets you download iPhone and iPad compatible versions of YouTube videos

 > Lets you choose format, quality and resolution of a YouTube video

 > Supports MP4, WebM, FLV, and 3GP conversion


 > No download acceleration, download videos at normal downloading speed based on connection speed only

The Bottom Line

Free YouTube Downloader for Chrome lets you download all your favorite music, instructional, educational, spiritual, gaming, etc. videos from YouTube in several different formats.

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