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GFI LanGuard Description

GFI LANguard is an award winning network scanner and patch management program for Windows. The utility lets you scan, detect and rectify security vulnerabilities on your network even before they are exposed, thus reducing the time required to patch machines on your network.

The network security application is especially designed for scanning and analyzing various security threats your local and remote workstations can face. It scans the system for missing security patches, shared folders, wireless access points, open communication ports and insecure passwords, and ensures that no such issue remain unresolved.

After scanning, the program provides detailed report about the network that was recently scanned, clearly highlighting weak points of that network. This way you can resolve all weak issues in time.

One of the major key attractions of GFI LANguard is its ability to offer patch management support for non-Microsoft software. It allows you to detect, download and deploy missing updates (just like you do for Microsoft updates). Apart from this, you can also perform multi-platform scans (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) within the app and analyze your network performance.

The utility is not only suitable for servers and workstations. You can also use it for scanning mobile devices as well. Windows users can Download GFI LANguard to scan their networks for possible threats and resolve them in time.

The utility is quite notable for its elegant interface. It features a powerful dashboard that processes security audits for providing a brief summary of network security status. Its auditing function retrieves detailed information on processors, memory, storage devices, display adapters, printers and other components. You can also check if any hardware was added or removed since the last scan. The utility also offers reports on unauthorized software installations.

Key features of GFI LANguard  

 > Multi-platform scans

 > Detailed information on memory, processors and other components

 > Patch management support

 > Network auditing management

 > Port scanning

 > Vulnerability assessment

 > Wake-on-LAN support

The Pros

 > Simple and easy to use

 > Lets you perform full vulnerability and port scanning

 > Provides IT reports to your managers

 > Manage organization-wide software deployment

 > Lets you scan, download and deploy missing security patches

 > Ensures that you always meet necessary standards and avoid penalties

Bottom Line

GFI LANguard is one of the best networking tools out there. It offers a complete set of features and does its task quite effectively. It effectively secures, manages and troubleshoots your network and makes your life a lot easier.

GFI LANguard’s well designed interface and an extensive collection of professional tools makes it an ultimate choice for users who’re are looking for a simple yet effective network security application. 

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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