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Gif Resizer Description

GIF Resizer is a powerful image editing application that lets you resize your GIF-animated image files and prepare them for your use.

The utility comes handy when you’re looking for a simple tool to resize GIF files but don’t want to use a full-featured photo editor at a price.

Animated GIF files are usually very large in size and can’t be used for general purposes and most image conversion software only output static images instead of the animations. However, similar isn’t the case with GIF Resizer. The image editor helps you to resize your GIF files with minimum effort, so that you can utilize them for your general use. You can download GIF Resizer to swiftly resize your GIF files to prepare them for general use.

The image conversion software is small in size, which means it can work smoothly without affecting PC performance. Also, the system requirements are minimal, which means you can easily run it on any PC running Windows OS. You don’t even need to install the app.

Resizing images using the utility is very simple. You just need to input the path to the source file, configure output parameters and you’re good to go. You can also select width, height and other specifications. Apart from this, you can also choose a folder where you want to save your resized GIFs.

The application features a simple and interactive interface. There are no settings to play with, which is certainly great news for beginners, but might disappoint a few professional users. Also, it doesn’t support batch resizing, which means you’ll have to resize one gif image at a time.

The Pros

 > Simple and easy to use

 > Don’t even require installation

 > Minimal system requirements

 > Effective image resizing algorithms that provide smooth upsizing and downsizing of images

 > Also features proportional resizing

 > Works with almost every Windows OS version

The Cons

 > Doesn’t support batch processing

Bottom Line

GIF Resizer is one of the best image conversion utilities for Windows that does its task quite beautifully. It effectively resizes animations and makes them suitable for your general use. You can choose from a plenty of options and set width and height specifications for the images. 

Unlike professional image editors that offer an excessive pack of features, this image resizing tool tends to be quite straightforward. The interface is very simple and you don’t need to be any professional designer or a programmer to effectively resize animations. You can easily operate it. Moreover, it offers plenty of customization options to choose from. Overall, the utility is amazing. You must use it at least once.

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