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Google Books Downloader Lite Description

As the name implies, Google Books Downloader Lite is a simple yet efficient application that helps you download any book from the Google Books service. The file transfer utility allows you to save the downloaded books into PNG file format.

The download manager boasts a clean and user-friendly interface that can be accessed by both novices as well as seasoned professionals alike. Available as an open-source program for Windows, it enables you to perform various operations with minimum effort.

You need to specify the URL in the main pane and select the directory which you want the data to be saved. After that, you can simply click on “Download” icon and therefore, the free online book downloader is able to grab the desired data. While the file is being downloaded, the full version of Google Books Downloader Lite gives you an estimated time for task completion.

By default, each page from the downloaded data is saved to PNG format. In case you want to merge the files into a single folder or convert them into different formats, you’ll need to use dedicated tools.

As it is a portable utility, it doesn’t leave any residual traces in the Windows registry. Moreover, you can copy the Google Books Downloader Lite on any USB flash drive or other storage devices. You can use it anywhere on the fly without having to go through the installation process.

Download Google Books Downloader Lite now and start downloading Google books without any hitch.

Key features of Google Books Downloader Lite

 > Secure and reliable

 > Easy to understandable

 > Enables you to download books with a “full view” status

 > Provides time estimation for completing the task

 > Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

The Pros

 > Easy to use with smooth navigations

 > Lets you perform many operations with minimal effort

 > Doesn’t require much system knowledge to work with it

The Cons

 > Doesn’t come packed with advanced features like file filtering options (file extension, size) and different output results

The Bottom Line

Google Books Downloader Lite is a simple-to-use Windows application that allows you to download Google books, and save them into PNG format while running on low machine resources. The program has an interactive and easy-to-understand layout and doesn’t require any specific computer knowledge to work with it.

With the help of this lightweight software, you are able to download a number of files from anywhere around the world. You must give it try once!

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