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Graphical Network Monitor Description

Graphical Network Monitor is an application that helps you observe the behavior of your network’s traffic. You can get useful insights into the network, including connections that use your network and bandwidth usage by individual connections.

The networking tool features a very simple interface, which shows applications that are running through your network. These applications are visible in the form of icons on a world map, so you can see the location from where they are connected to. Also, the icons of all the currently active applications are automatically highlighted on the map.

There is a ‘Connection List’ option that shows advanced information about these applications, comprising of their IP address, virtual ports through which they communicate, connection status, country and the city, and above all their individual bandwidth consumption. This feature is disabled by default; however, you can enable it whenever you want.

The network monitoring utility lets you zoom in/out using the mouse scroll button which shows more details on the map. Plus, you can run this network manager in Windowed mode, Full screen mode, or the Active Desktop mode, which displays entire data as a desktop background. Download Graphical Network Monitor to keep a track of all your network activities in a single window.

As the server monitoring software provides you network visibility, you can easily identify and fix internet connection issues on your own. Apart from this, it is a portable application that comes in a ZIP file. You can simply extract it to a Flash drive and take it anywhere. Overall, the program is lightweight and has a small memory footprint.

Key features of Graphical Network Monitor

 > Monitor applications – With this network traffic monitor you’ll be able to view every activity of the application behind the scenes

 > Portable – You don’t need to install it, the app can be run through a USB drive from any location, making it handy for network administrators

 > Lightweight – It is entirely written in C++, removing the heavy dependencies such as Java or .NET

 > Bandwidth usage – The program allows you to see the bandwidth usage by individual applications

 > Diagnose network problems – You can even identify and troubleshoot a poor Internet connection, application behavior, and many more

The Pros

 > Available as a ZIP file

 > Does not rely on registry keys

 > Compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS X

The Cons

 > It’s a paid software

The Bottom Line

Graphical Network Monitor for Windows comes in three attractive themes, but you can also download an additional theme and ‘Extra Zoom’ release for each theme. Overall, it is the best network monitoring software to deal with all network problems with ease.

.94 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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