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Hide My IP Description

Whether you want to surf anonymously on web, encrypt your Internet traffic or prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, Hide My IP can help you do all this in a jiffy. The IP hider software makes your IP address unidentifiable over the Internet by switching it with a fake one.

Once you have launched the program, Hide My IP for PC creates an icon in your system tray and sits silently while offering a quick access to the main configuration panel and options. Thence, the tool becomes minimally invasive to your system. The free IP changer permits you to continue with your regular PC activity along with giving you the possibility to swiftly hide your IP and make it visible again.

You can alter your IP by selecting the new one from the pool of available Internet Protocol addresses. The networking tool enables you to change your location to any other country in the world. For instance, you can opt for various locations from Australia, Belgium, US, Canada, Brazil, England, and Austria. In this way, you are able to preserve your real identity from hijackers plus access the restricted programs due to your geometrical location. Download Hide My IP to conceal your identity from prying eyes online.

The IP tool and scanner is compatible with all Internet applications and web browsers. When you browse the Internet normally, your system makes a direct connection to your visited websites. With Hide My IP for Windows, an anonymous proxy server is set to relay information between you and your most visited websites. As a result, the websites will see your fake relay IP instead of the real one.

As far as advanced preferences are concerned, the full version of Hide My IP allows you to change your IP every 10 minutes or less, launch on startup, set frequency and clear cookies on IP change, as well as create a list of fake IP addresses to discard.

Key features of Hide My IP

 > Replaces your original IP with a new one

 > Lets you send anonymous emails

 > Includes smart DNS Proxy service

 > Supported web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, and then some

 > Unblocks restricted sites on your geographical location like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and BBC

 > Encrypts your total Internet connection via 256-bit SSL encryption method

 > Can hide or change your browser’s user agent and referrer headers

 > Support for non-browser applications such as Windows Mail, Skype, Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, online games, and much more

The pros

 > Encrypted web browsing

 > Works well with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

 > Prevents the Government from spying on you

 > Full access to all IPs in over 90 cities worldwide

The cons

 > More options are provided with premium services

The bottom line

You can easily hide your IP and maintain an unknown identity over Internet by using this network utility. The VPN tool prevents hijackers from stealing any of your sensitive information by encrypting your network connection. Taking into account its advanced and user-friendly options, Hide My IP suffices all the needs of many users looking to secure their online ID.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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