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HijackThis Description

An open source reckoning tool for Microsoft Windows, HiJackThis or HJT helps you quickly search the computer and displays the most common browser hijacking locations. Later sold to Trend Micro the software was originally created by Merijin Bellekom. Its primary use includes simply identifying the locations of browser hijacks and not detecting or removing spyware, as removing the data without information can cause damage to the system. Trend Micro released it as open source code in 2012 and HiJackThis free download is now available on many trusted download sites.

How to Use?

You can free download HiJackThis system security software as an installer or as a standalone executable, with an installer being installed in a specific location and desktop shortcut being created to the executable.

Remember not to run the standalone version from the folder of Temporary Internet Files as the backup folder will not be saved after the program closes. Therefore, it is suggested to save the executable file in a particular folder before running it to avoid backup deletion.

If you use the software as an installer, a standard way of using HiJackThis, it will provide a safe location for its backup.

However, if you mean to delete some files mistakenly, the software offers you backup and restore procedure to restore the legitimate entries on your system. But, if you have been running the program from a temporary folder, then it may be possible that the restore procedure doesn’t work.

Salient Features

  > The software detects the methods solely used by the hijackers to force you onto their sites

  > It does not target any particular URLs or programs

  > HiJackThis lists the key areas of the hard drive and the registry

  > It generates and presents the reports in an organized manner

The Pros

Log files: The software allows you to save the scan reports on your computer as a log file, so that you can refer back to it later, letting you compare the results of multiple scans. It also assists you to get advice from the users on the forums as to determine what file to remove from the system.

Fast Scans: the benefit the program gives to you is that it scans the information very quickly; no matter how much information you ask it to filter through, preventing the block out time for additional scans to get completed.

The Cons

Experience Needed: since the scan result does not contain the list of malware and malicious files, it complies and gives the locations targeted by it. So, it may sometimes become hard to figure out the part to be eliminated and determines potential threats to the system.

Bottom Line

Trend Micro offers the HiJackThis free download tool to be used for the experienced users who need to eliminate the deep dug malware from the system. Though it calls for experienced users, it delivers all the promised features completely free to set the system free from the threats and for those who can analyze the scan results properly.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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