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Icinga Description

Icinga 2 is a free open source network monitoring tool. Icinga features a scalable and extensible monitor system and offers a powerful CLI. Icinga has a large community of contributors, developers and supporters that provides continuous support to the software and its users. The configuration file of the program is generated as a text file by default but can be transformed later into configuration file format using API, GUI or CLI. It provides support for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and features simple logical dependencies that ease out the process of forming relations between data objects. Event handlers and modifications are supported by the program which imparts it with dynamic notifications feature. Three distinct commands are offered by Icinga 2, namely Check, Notification and Event. This feature helps the program adapt itself according to the changes occurring in monitor conditions during runtime. Also, primacy can be given to any command among a pool of various options. The software can be installed and used on any Windows running device having XP or newer version.

Salient Features of Icinga 2

  > Scalable and extensible monitoring system

  > Object-based, rule-driven configuration format

  > Default configuration files in text format can be changed into configuration file format via API, GUI or CLI

  > Template support

  > Simple logical dependencies


  > Employed by big companies such as PuppetLabs, Audi, SnapDeal, Debian

  > Offers three distinct command types, namely Check, Notification and Event Commands

  > Any additional option can be given priority over the other

  > Event handlers and notifications are supported

  > Free & open source

  > Encrypted cluster communication along with built-in distributed monitoring

  > Backward compatible with Nagios


  > Doesn’t support every Nagios-specific plugin

  > Produce random issues while working with an Apache server

The Bottom Line

Icinga 2 offers a lot of customization and powerful features which enables it to be integrated into any network monitoring application. With features such as dynamic notifications, add-on support, logical dependencies and runtime macro support the software proves itself to be really useful. However, avoid using it with sensitive Apache servers as working with these servers can often generate some still-unresolved issues.

Do you require a monitoring tool? Then Download Icinga 2, the tool trusted by Audi, Snapdeal, Debian, and other big companies.

1.460 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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