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Immunet Protect Free Description

Immunet Protect Free is a powerful antivirus solution for Windows. It offers an added protection layer to your PC by detecting potential security threats and finally eliminating them. This way it offers you one of the easiest ways to secure and safeguard your PC.

The system protection application offers three scanning options to choose from. First option, Flash Scan, only verifies the running process. Selecting second option i.e. Full Scan, checks the entire computer for potential threats. You can also choose the third option i.e. Custom Scan to scan the particular locations you want to check for.

Apart from this, the system security application boasts all the latest features, including quarantine and scan started, encased in a simple, interactive and intuitive user interface. The antivirus software is also capable of scanning packed and archived files along with newly installed applications. You can Free Download Immunet Protect to enjoy a secure and safeguarded PC.

Other features of the application include Scan scheduler, protection exclusions and tray notifications.

Key features of Immunet Protect Free

 > Small, lightweight and fast

 > Compatible with other antivirus programs

 > Community-level protection

 > Real time detection

 > Several scan options available

 > Clear documentation and useful help tutorials

The Pros

 > The system security program offers complete protection from bots, worms, Trojans, viruses and all kinds of security threats

 > You never need to update Immunet protect free as it’s always connected to the Internet

 > The antivirus works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows

 > The application offers 24x7 toll-free customer support

 > Immunet Protect Free provides an up-to-date cloud based protection against security issues that are slowing down your PC

 > Features Game Mode that ensures your gaming sessions run smoothly without any interruption

The Cons

 > Immunet Protect Free can’t scan email databases

 > The utility doesn’t support automatic detection of viruses on USB drives

 > Unnecessary ads and pop-ups are shown within the application

 > Poor detection and removal of malware

 > The system protection tool also lacks scheduled or offline scanning

Bottom Line

Immunet Protect Free is simple and easy to use community-based protection application that lets you effectively detect and eliminate the security threats, thus, offering you a fast, secure and safe PC. Still it lacks in many important aspects, as it can’t effectively detect malware. In addition, there is no support for email database or USB drive scans. So we recommend you to use it only as a companion antivirus, not as a full time antivirus solution. The software can be used by those who think that their current security solution isn’t effective enough.  

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