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Internet Explorer Description

Internet Explorer is one of the most powerful browsers & plugins available for Windows. The web browser comes with a set of jaw dropping features, an interactive and intuitive interface and tons of customization options.

Developed by Microsoft, Internet Explorer prioritises on ease of use, security and improvements in RSS, CSS, and Ajax support. Free Download Internet Explorer to enjoy safe, secure and seamless web browsing.

Key features of Internet Explorer

 > SmartScreen phishing filter

 > In-private browsing for privacy

 > Domain highlighting

 > Dedicated notification bar

 > Cross-site scripting filter

 > New tab page

 > Hardware-accelerated video, text and graphics

 > You can also pin favourite sites to Windows taskbar

 > Tear-off tabs for making interaction with multiple sites fast and intuitive

The Pros

 > Fast loading

As compared to other web browsers, websites, videos and images are loaded faster on Internet Explorer, which makes it an ultimate option for browsing information on web

 > Detailed Support

The net surfing utility for Windows offers detailed tutorials, FAQ pages, forums and above all direct support. The content provided in these tutorials is much more informative than any other FAQ seen in other software

 > Diverse range of tools

Internet Explorer offers a wide range of tools that lets you enjoy a safe, seamless and secure web browsing experience

 > Simple and intuitive user-interface

One of the major attractions of the Web browsing software for Windows is its simple and intuitive interface that lets you browse things on internet effectively and seamlessly. Operating the browser is quite easy. Anyone with little knowledge about Windows can easily operate it

 > Tons of Customization options

The Web browsing application for Windows lets you customize settings as per your need. Plenty of customization options are available. You can choose the ones you find suitable and customize the browser the way you want to

The Cons

 > Sometimes the websites don’t load properly

 > Lacks advanced features often supported by other Web browsers

 > Other popular web browsers have gained traction as Internet Explorer gets less updates

Bottom Line

Internet Explorer is an ultimate web browser. It supports some of the best features and plenty of customization options for Windows users. The web browser in fact loads pages quite faster, ensuring that users can surf seamlessly on web. Help tutorials, FAQs and direct support options are also available. Overall, it is an ultimate choice for users who are looking for something simple, secure and trustworthy for no price, of course.

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