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JDownloader Description

JDownloader is a free and open-source downloading utility that lets you download all your favorite files from the Web. The tool is developed by an active community of indie developers that works mutually to make the software better and usable for everyone. The free downloader manager for Windows lets you download multiple files at the same time.

It is available in a number of languages, including French and German. Licensed under the GNU GPL license, the downloading management tool lets you use a number of themes to customize it according to your own preference and feel. It even has a powerful inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Reader) module.

JDownloader requires Java 1.8 to be installed on your device. You can download a single file from multiple sources to speed up the downloading process. It even lets you work with servers that frequently breaks-off and serves errors. The software even lets you pause and resume downloads as per your convenience. Download JDownloader now and enjoy a fast downloading experience.

JDownloader is one of the few download managers that are available as an open-source project. The file transfer tool offers a basic interface created using Java, which is super easy to get used to. The free & open-source software is able to run on systems running Windows XP and newer.

Salient features of JDownloader

 > Integrated package manager – The software comes with an integrated package manager that lets you make use of additional modules.

 > Add-ons support – You can make use of a number of add-ons with the downloading utility.

 > JD Scheduler – It lets you bind downloads according to a particular schedule. Very useful when downloading files from a time-restricted server.

 > JDUnrar – The default add-on automatically extracts files from an archive as soon as the download is completed.

 > Download in parts – It breaks a file into a number of parts and then simultaneously downloads them all, from different servers to gain a tremendous speed boost.


 > Over 300 decrypt plug-ins

 > Available 24x7 support

 > Regular updates focused on enhancing the usability and downloading speed

 > Lets you download files efficiently from servers with high down time

 > Small size

 > Requires minimal system resources

 > Open source, can be modified to fit into certain limited projects


 > Not so interactive UI

 > No inbuilt video grabber

The Bottom Line

JDownloader is free and fast software that lets you download files from Internet while using minimal system resources. It offers a great customization level thanks to the ability to work with add-ons and plugins. The tool is preferred by devs interested into evolving the download manager according to their personal downloading needs and requirements.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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