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K9 Web Protection Description

K9 Web protection is a straightforward parental control tool developed by Blue Coat Systems. It is equipped with some extraordinary abilities to protect your child from the ill effects of the Web. The software monitors and controls the online activities of your kids by cloud technology. It works without downloading a database to the PC and instead uses acloud-based database.

Salient Features

The software has the following salient features you can take advantage of. Just free download K9 Web Protection now:

Wide categories

K9 Web Protection divides Web sites into 66 distinct categories, out of which 24 are commonly blocked categories.  Further, the application handles various uncategorized sites and Web ads. The commonly blocked categories include abortion, pornography, adult content, nudity, dating, gambling, and so on.


You can customize the categories you want K9 Web Protection to monitor and control.The protection can be set at different levels that include high level, medium level and low level.

Blocking of pages

K9 shows a warning page whenever a child tries to access a blocked Website or Webpage. This warning page includes administrative controls.

Time Out option

There is a Time Out option that prohibits children from accessing the Web in case they try to open blocked pages more than a certain number of times within a specified range of time.

Canine protection

You can set K9 Web Protection to bark whenever it blocks a particular site. It gives the software the power of canine protection.

Time Scheduling

You can schedule Internet time for your kids at two levels. K9 Web protection can be set to “NightGuard”, thereby banning the Internet access to your children for a nighttime. The custom option, on the other hand, lets you determine the allowed times for a full week.

Phishing Protection

K9 Web Protection provides an optimum level of phishing protection to computer users. It is capable of blocking various kinds of phishing URLs with agreat ability.

Filtering Secure Traffic

Children can use HTTPS service to bypass filtering by parental control software. They can try toreplace HTTP with HTTPS to avoid filtering by parental control software. K9 Web Protection lets you filter secure traffic, thereby protecting your kids from anonymizing sites.

Blocking Proxy Avoidance

Children use proxy avoidance websites to get information on bypassing parental control applications.  K9 Web Protection blocks all such websites.

The Pros

K9 works on a large number of categories, and hence it blocks a sufficient amount of online threats for your children.  It’s a complete tool to protect your children from the worst of the Web.

The Cons

K9 Web Protection does not have capabilities to monitor and control Instant Messengers. The logs created by the software are hard to read. Further, there are no per-user settings for multiple users.

Bottom Line

K9 Web Protection is a simple yet powerful tool for controlling your kids’ Internet Behavior. Further, it’s completely free!

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