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LogMeIn Rescue Description

LogMeIn Rescue is a free networking utility that allows you to easily connect to any server or system over the Internet in a matter of seconds. The application is used by large contact servers and help desks to diagnose and troubleshoot computers, tablets, and smartphones.

It is a SaaS remote support tool that consolidates remote control with chat and diagnostic capabilities. LogMeIn Rescue for Windows enables a support technician for identifying and fixing common device issues anywhere with a mobile connection or the web. The program includes the ability to push configuration settings and secure devices with an Internet connection.

The main cynosure of the networking tool is its Technician Consolethatmanages all the support sessions, providing an outstanding working environment for tech support staff. There are numerous connection methods, which a technician can use to request an access to a consumer. The utility generates a direct connection to customer via a unique 6-digit PIN code or emailed link.

Alternatively, technicians are able to start a Rescue Lens session by sending a connection link via anSMS. Once the link has accessed on a workstation, the remote desktop sharing program initiates a customer applet download. Before starting the applet, it asks for access permission and advises customers not to authorize unwanted sessions or disclose any credit card information. The applet can be used for file sharing, chatting, and remote control management, and is automatically cleared at the end of session. Download LogMeIn Rescue to get a reliable solution for all your system problems.

With the program, you can remotely access others’ desktop from your screen to quickly resolve their issues. The best of using the app is that it offers you a fresh, dynamic, and powerful functionality to access its assistance tool, which ensures that you don’t have to be dependent on any web browser. It offers an in-app support for all mobile apps that provides a streamline support experience within the app rather than compelling users to seek help via phone, chat, or web when they run into problems.

Why use LogMeIn Rescue?

 > Top-notch security

The file access software established a 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection between a user and technician by using TLS 1.1 transport security

 > Interactive video support

It allows customers to use their tablet or phone for streaming live videoback to a support technician. The feature is specially intended for simpler communication and faster resolution of problems

 > Access controls

With this free remote access software, you can define permission-based access on a granular level such as providing some technicians no file transfer rights

 > Multi-platform support

The application is available for almost all major platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

The screen sharing utility integrates with a file manager that boasts a double-sided interface. It allows technicians to reboot workstations in both normal and safe mode, and run scripts. You can also check all the information about your system such as its hardware and software configuration, installed apps, recent system updates, running services and processes, installed drivers, and startup items.

Furthermore, the latest version of LogMeIn Rescue provides support for multiple languages, including German, Dutch, Thai, Korean, Portuguese, and French. It uses the language that you selected at the installation time. However, you can change its active language by uninstalling and reinstalling it. Make sure to choose the desired language during installation.

You can set the remote monitoring software to send you sound alerts whenever any event occurs. You can set it to play a sound when its Technician Console minimizes, a customer intentionally disconnects, or a network connection temporarily loses.

Plus, LogMeIn Rescue includes a spell check feature. You can enable it to check the spelling of all the text you entered in the Rescue Chart panel. It features a whiteboard option that helps agents communicate more clearly by annotating on screen. The annotation will remain in place even if a device is moving.

By default, the tool stores IP address of each customer involved in a session. If you are little worried about protecting the privacy of your consumers, you can choose not to save or report this data. To do so, you have to navigate to the Global settings tab. Then, under Customer IP Address Retention Policy, select Do not store customer IP address and click on Save changes button.

Administrators are able to impose IP address restrictions on their technicians. Once selected, all the available IP addresses will restricted to a narrow list. The troubleshooting application allows technicians to record the events that occur during a desktop viewing sessioninto a video file. It is a very important feature for liability and accountability reasons.

All the recording files are stored in a directory specified by a host. If there is a large support organization, the storage location will appear on a network server. The disk space taken by such recordings varies widely, and depends completely on the contents of a supported end-user’s desktop. Recordings are saved directly to an AVI or in an intermediate LogMeIn proprietary format. You can convert it to standard AVI files by using Rescue AVI Converter.

Key features of LogMeIn Rescue:

> Boasts a chat interface with predefined replies, file transfer, and URL push

 > Provides a detailed system diagnostics, including reboot and reconnect

 > Allows administrators to create technician groups and assign group permissions

 > Includes a built-in audio functionality that makes it easy for users and agents to remain in contact throughout a support session

 > You can keep a record of all live-stream sessions by using its screen capture and video recording feature

 > Features a session list to view all sessions

 > Allows you to customize columns of a session list

 > You can edit any custom field right from a session list

 > Lets you put a session on hold anytime

 > Comes with an alert bar that shows notifications of firmware, battery, and application issues

 > Allows group members to start a session using a private method such as calling card, PIN code, link, and SMS with Rescue+Mobile

 > Group members can transfer a session to a valid number of an organization if needed

 > Comes with an unattended access option that allows a technician to connect to a system when no user is present

 > You can upload a list of web shortcuts and assign them to technician groups

 > Includes an overview section that shows missed session count, outgoing session count, closed session count, wait time average, etc.

The pros

 > Detailed session history and notes

 > Excellent video quality

 > Smart whiteboarding

 > Lightweight utility

 > Simple installation process

 > 24x7 customer support via emails, phone, and user forum

 > Provides support for drag-and-drop functionality

The cons

 > Difficult to use especially for novices

The bottom line

LogMeIn Rescue is a tremendous networking utility that makes it extremely easy to help and support your co-workers, friends, and clients with their computer issues. With the Windows software, you can gain a full control of a remote computer, Mac, or smartphone over the Internet in a few seconds without requiring any pre-installed program.

Moreover, you can generate reports to encourage your team members for increasing the client satisfaction levels. The tool is compatible with all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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