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Lunascape Description

Lunascape is a powerful web-browsing tool specially designed for providing the best features of all popular web browsers in one single interface. The utility is widely used by people all over the world and has a user base of over 1bn.

This powerful web browsing application from developer Lunascape Corporation combines three rendering engines Gecko (used in Mozilla Firefox), Webkit (used in Apple’s Safari) and Trident (used in Microsoft Internet Explorer) in one single app so that you experience the best features of all browsers. What’s more exciting is that you can even switch between layouts seamlessly.

Lunascape web browser proves much helpful for web designers who always need to check their work on different browsers. Using the app, they can easily see WebPages in all popular browser engines. Also, there is no need to run several instances as a similar web page can be rendered in different layouts.

Apart from this, several other features like the support to mouse hotkeys and gestures, native RSS feed reader, embedded multi-search tool, customizable skins and plug-ins make the net surfing tool an ultimate choice for users who are looking for something feature-rich and impressive. You can download Lunascape web browser right now to experience a smooth, seamless and interactive web browsing.

The web browser features a simple design and an interactive interface, which means you, can easily operate it even if you’re a novice user.

Lunascape major attractions

 > Three popular rendering engines in a single interface

 > Smooth engine auto-switch

 > Save your favorite browser settings

 > High-end search engines

 > Cascade view

 > Versatile tab menu

 > Full and large screen modes

 > Automatic backups

The Pros

 > Seamless high-speed browsing

 > Block unwanted sites and URLs

 > You can display your tabs in multiple rows

 > Customize your toolbar the way you want to

 > Choose from a variety of skins and add-ons

 > Synchronize your bookmarks at one place

Bottom Line

Lunascape is an efficient web browser that brings you the interfaces of all popular browsers in one single app, which you can easily switch between from within the app. This eliminates the need to install different browsers on your computer. The browsing tool proves much helpful, especially if you’re a web designer or web developer who constantly needs to check a web page’s compatibility with different browsers. Apart from this, there are a plenty of tools intended to improve your web browsing experience.

No doubt the interface may appear bit dull, still it manages to offer a lot. You must try it at least once. 

35.00 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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