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Melody Assistant Description

Here’s an app that music enthusiasts and professionals adore a lot! As the name suggests, Melody Assistant is a musical notation and songwriting app that allows users to write and print musical notations of popular, classical, and customized songs. This amazing Multimedia App for Windows boasts a very simple user interface and robust features.

There is a huge variety of musical symbols to help you create and arrange even the most difficult scores including Gregorian notation. All you need to do is simply submit your mp3 song and download the written notes to follow and cue them in a performance. You can submit your song via an external MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard, or your PC’s mouse. The app also offers you to listen to the song you have written in it so that you know how it sounds.

Creating notation in Melody Assistant is possible through percussion lines, guitar and bass tabs, and means of scores. Furthermore, there is a chord diagram library for different musical instruments and a feature that helps you calculate different string instruments table-wise. You can also view, print, and/or play the scores submitted by other users; so can others do with your scores.

If you’re new to music composition, you can make benefits from various video tutorials on the Melody Assistant official website. Download Melody Assistant get your music converted into classical musical notation that you and others can benefit from forever.

Key Features of Melody Assistant

 > Score Editor – you can easily move, delete, and insert your notes on staves

> Digital Synthesizer – your music gets higher quality with a very professional digital instrument sound database, including effects such as Chorus, Distortion, and Reverb, etc.

> Security – you can password protect your document so that it can only be viewed by others but not modified by anyone

> Quick Start – it comes with different templates, including your customized templates defined by you

> Digital Sound Editor – record your own sound through a mic or CD and can mix them in your tunes.

> Lyrics - add lyrics to your music and convert them into karaoke

> Tablature and Chord Diagram – “it calculates tablatures and displays the guitar chord diagrams” as the developers explain very well. Also, it’s possible to define and calculate tablatures for your string musical instruments

> Graphics and Colors – it allows you to give colors to music symbols and add/select your favorite background

> Other Features - Gregorian notation, customizable user interface, multi-instrument staves, Export outputs in audio or PDF, user-defined palettes, drum staff editing, floating palettes, and multi-voice staves

> Supports Formats - KAR AIFF, TAB, Rich Midi, MIDI, ABC, Vorbis Ogg, MP3, or WAV


> The premium tier is very inexpensive

> There are a lot of features included for creating scores

> User-friendly interface

> The sound base is very amazing


> Sometimes, it gets slow and sluggish

> Some technical labels are in French which can be difficult for English or other users to understand

The Bottom Line

Melody Assistant by Myriad is one of the most popular musical notation and sound editor app for Windows. It’s comparatively modest in its price and even the free tier offers various features for music professionals and amateurs. If you’re into music composition industry or are planning for it, having Melody Assistant on your PC can be the smartest step.

44.5 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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