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Postbox Inc - 16.61 MB (Freeware)

The Post Box is an E-mail client that helps in sorting out your messages to stay on task and find information quickly. Post Box allows you to Tag your Emails in different folders as well.

IncrediMail Ltd - 12.47 MB (Freeware)

IncrediMail is a free and easy-to-use messaging utility that efficiently manages all your emails, communications, email transactions and contact details. The application is all about having fun with your email messages.

MailWasher Free
Firetrust Ltd - 21.80 MB (Freeware)

Mailwasher is spam filter software that helps you to get rid of viruses in your e-mail. It safeguards your PC against unwanted spam, phishing attacks and other nuisances.

Michel Kramer - 3.43 MB (Freeware)

Spamihilator is a free spam filter that works between your email client and the Internet to examine every incoming email. The program runs completely in the background allowing you to continue with your work and leave it to do the job for you.

The Bat! Home Edition
RITLABS - 35.98 MB (Freeware)

The Bat! Home Edition is a flexible e-mail client that enables users to add multiple accounts to a single place and manage them smoothly. It allows working with large volumes of e-mails, fully customized message templates, sorting filters, and Mail Dispatcher.