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Monitor Smart Description

Monitor Smart is a top-notch software title that has been amongst the ranks of leading Internet monitoring tools to keep a check on your child’s online activities.

Unmonitored web applications can lead to productivity issues and may call for malware infections. Using Monitor Smart for Windows, you can keep a control on all Internet activities at your fingertips in order to protect your family from web-based threats.

The Parental Control tool for PC lets you monitor everything your kids perform on a computer. The application comes with a gamut of features, ranging from Internet monitoring to Social media supervision.

The utility will undoubtedly put your mind at ease with its impeccable feature set. Download Monitor Smart now to know what is going under your eye. Used by over 1mn costumers, the feature-rich application boasts a simple and free-flowing interface that can be navigated with ease by both novices and professionals.

The child monitoring tool keeps track of

 > The sites your kids visit online

 > Search details regarding where they go on the web

 > When they use the computer

Salient features of Monitor Smart

 > Social media supervision:  The application lets you keep your eye on the logs and check that for how long a user has been active/inactive during the browsing session

 > Internet Monitoring:  The monitoring tool allows you to monitor all web-related activities in real time. The tool offers detailed report of all sites that a user has visited

 > Screenshot Capturing: Monitor Smart is capable of silently capturing screenshots of all the activities a user has gone through. Moreover, you can see all the captured screenshots in full-screen mode or thumbnails

 > Web supervision: Using this feature, you can check when a system was started and how long it was exactly used by a user. Furthermore, the tool is efficient to monitor anything ranging from what files a user has downloaded on your computer to the sites he/she searched for

The Pros

 > User activity completely invisible

 > Installs in less than a minute

 > Elegant and user-friendly interface

 > One-click access to all logs and monitoring reports

 > Able to filter logs by date and user

 > Lifetime free updates

 > Seamless monitoring

 > Round-the-clock support

The Cons

 > You can only monitor your kids’/employees online activity; there is no option to control their activities

The Bottom Line

Monitor Smart for PC is a simple yet powerful application that helps you monitor your kids’ online activities in a matter of seconds. Install Monitor Smart parental control tool now to keep a tab on your children’s online as well as offline activities.

If you want total peace of mind, interested to monitor and protect your family from online predators and do a lot more, then get Monitor Smart now. It always keeps your children protected, no matter where you are.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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