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F-Group Software - 0.78 MB (Freeware)

Free download AutoMixer to automatically control and adjust the volume level of your tracks. It gives you full control over sound adjustments.

DFX Audio Enhancer
Fxsound - 4.64 MB (Shareware)

In order to enhance the audio quality of your PC, DFX Audio Enhancer is one of the best multimedia applications. It improves the sound quality of your audio (music), video, games, Internet radio, and many other multimedia programs.

MorphVOX Pro
Screaming Bee - 6.09 MB (Freeware)

MorphVOX Pro is a full-featured multimedia application for Windows that can modify your voice and allow you to apply vocal effects to change the way you chat online or play games. The program uses a superior voice-learning technology, sound quality along with background cancellation to take your voice changing experience to the next level.

Crintsoft - 2.01 MB (Shareware)

Developed by Crintsoft, MiniLyrics is a full-featured media program for Windows that displays lyrics of your favorite songs while they are playing. Once you load a music file, this multimedia application automatically searches for respective lyrics within its database.

MP3Gain - 0.65 MB (Freeware)

Wrapped in a simple yet user-friendly interface, MP3Gain is able to adjust the volume level of your MP3 files with great ease. All CDs do not sound equally loud; whenever your MP3 player switches to the new song it's irksome to reach the volume knob every time to adjust the volume of the song.