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NetDrive Description

NetDrive is one of the most effective software solutions for Windows that helps you connect remote storage, including FTP servers, as a local hard disk.

Offering excellent transfer speed and superior performance, the online storage program allows you to instantly upload files to an FTP server by dragging and dropping files in the configured drive. You can quickly launch audios, videos, and executable files using your Internet connection. NetDrive is extremely useful if you work with remote storage environments on a daily basis.

Download NetDrive today to connect remote storages with ease.

The download manager helps you set up and manage multiple remote storage places, with each entry requiring a site name, port, IP and URL, local drive letter, server type, and account information as well. There are options available to automatically log in when your Windows machine starts and therefore, mounts the drive without any user input or to auto log in every time you launch the program.

The program is available for free for evaluation; however, you need to purchase a license after its evaluation use. On completion of the evaluation period, NetDrive is limited to mount only one network drive. A banner is displayed over the Explorer showing that its trial period is over.

The FTP software for PC requires a pretty fast Internet connection for serving its purposes. It is quite stable, reliable and smoothly runs on all Windows versions.

Moreover, NetDrive for Windows includes a help manual so you can always receive assistance if you’re not able to figure out how to use the app.

Key features of NetDrive

 > Cloud storage as hard disk

 > Direct access to cloud storage from your desktop

 > Manages FTP, WebDav, and NAS servers as virtual drives

 > Supports secure file transfer by SFTP (SSL File Transfer Protocol)

 > WebDav and FTP servers are registered through the NetDrive Site Manager

 > Secure HTTPS connections can be configured in the Advanced menu

 > You can transfer data by drag and drop files in the Explorer

 > Once connected, online drives can be controlled from the Windows Explorer using a drive letter

 > Offers legacy DOS-prompt support including the use of commands such as xcopy and dir

The Pros

 > Easy to install, even by beginners

 > Assists you with simple and intuitive features

 > Provides great transfer speed

 > Executes a wide array of files, including audios, videos, and MS Office documents

 > Supports SSL connection (FTPs/HTTPs)

The Cons

 > You can use the software for free with its 30-day trial version

 > The utility is limited to mount only one network drive after its evaluation use

The Bottom Line

NetDrive is a comprehensive Windows application that enables you to connect remote storage (FTP servers) as a local drive. With this program, you can manage the multiple new drives on your system that connect FTP/WebDav servers and cloud storages. Get it now and explore some innovative developments.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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