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Network Stuff Description

Network Stuff is a simple, portable, and open-source networking tool that lets you remotely view your computer’s IP address, resolve a DNS, wake a PC from your LAN, view network speed and do plenty of other tasks. Using the utility, you can handle all your network related tasks at one place.

The program features a portable collection of essential networking tools like a TCP/UDP/CGI port scanner, TCP/IP stats, Whois lookup, Wake on LAN, an ICMP ping tool and IP to MAC address conversion (ARP). Apart from this, a transparent proxy server and generic client/server modules that allow you to test TCP and UDP communication and a RAW packet sniffer are also present within the app. Windows users can download Network Stuff to keep a check on all networks connected and get detailed network information.

What attracts you the most is the simple, sleek and intuitive interface of Network Stuff, which makes it easily accessible for both beginners and experts. It’s fairly easy to select the desired tools. Also, there is no need to install the program, which means you can also run it from a USB drive or a CD.

All it takes to view all the open networks and internet connections on your systems are a couple of clicks. Even if you don’t recognize a specific remote IP address, the DNS tab will try to fix it to a domain or a machine name, while the WhoIs Tab serves you with suitable records for whatever domain you mention.

Key features of Network Stuff

 > Multiple network management tools

 > Raw packet capture

 > You can also view the network speed and no. of sent and received packets in real time

 > Save main window

 > Option to add delay between multiple ping

The Pros

 > Lets you transfer various network tasks

 > Graphical and intuitive interface

 > Supports Wake on LAN and Remote Shutdown

 > Stats and TCP/UDP/IP tables (iPhelpher functions)

 > Interactive TCP/UDP transparent proxy

 > Raw packet forging

 > You can scan the entire for active computers and devices

 > Helpful in general programming

The cons

 > Some tools included in the app can only be used efficiently by experienced users

Bottom Line

Network Stuff is an ultimate networking utility that successfully meets your needs. It features all the options you can expect from an ideal network scanner. Also, the user interface is simple, sleek and intuitive. Your tasks will be completed in time. Apart from this, you don’t even need to install the program, which you can also use it from a USB drive or a CD.

Overall, Network Stuff is an efficient and reliable piece of software, which perfectly suitable to all types of users and comes with a plenty of customization options. You must go for it!

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