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The SZ Development - 1.98 MB (Freeware)

York is a simple yet efficient networking tool that helps you log all the traffic on your network card. The application is really easy-to-use and has the ability to log source, destination (FQDN or IP address), protocol, and packet size of all the traffic on your network.

Microsoft Corporation - 0.285 MB (Freeware)

TCPView is a user-friendly application that provides detailed list of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system. Along with the list, the application also includes local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections.

MetaGeek - 5.6 MB (Freeware)

inSSIDer is the most effective Wi-Fi network scanner that helps you optimize the overall performance of a wireless network. Along with displaying advanced information about Wi-Fi networks, this networking tool for Windows enables you to check the signal strength with the help of a graph.

CommView for WiFi
TamoSoft - 61.85 MB (Freeware)

CommView for WiFi is an efficient networking tool for Windows designed to monitor wireless networks. The application offers many powerful features to analyze as well as monitor data which is moving through WLAN channels.

Capsa Free Network Analyzer
Colasoft - 64.20 MB (Freeware)

Capsa Free Network Analyzer is an easy-to-use network packet sniffer especially designed for troubleshooting and network monitoring.The application comes with intuitive GUI and offers real-time network traffic display. Also, it keeps an eye on things and alerts in case any network problem has been detected.