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Nexus Description

Nexus is an advanced dock system that helps you launch various applications instantly. Winstep Nexus is somewhat similar to Mac OS X docks; however, it offers a higher degree of customization as compared to the Mac OS X docks.

Nexus Dock is a professional dock for Windows available for free. Use Nexus to access your most frequently used apps within a click. The launcher is one of the popular desktop utilities that transform working with your computer into an engaging and intriguing experience.

It supports various modules that you can use for integrating a number of mini gadgets such as controllers for recycle bin, weather information, network monitor, clock, CPU, etc.

Nexus launcher for Windows is also available as nexus Ultimate, an enhanced version of the free-to-use Nexus Dock. Nexus Ultimate is available as both - a standalone or as a part of Winstep Xtreme. Winstep Xtreme is a single easy-to-install package that features entire Winstep’s popular desktop utilities for Windows.

Free download Nexus Dock for Windows to add another masterpiece into your desktop utilities and launchers.

In addition, it provides you an easy access to various Windows internal functions such as volume controls, screensavers, control panel, etc. You can easily set dedicated icons on the dock for accessing such features. The best part is that Nexus is extremely easy to personalize and you can simply change almost every aspect of the dock, including its looks, themes, sounds and reflection.

Salient features of Nexus

 > Zoom, bounce, swing, and many more mouse-over effects

 > Display active programs on the dock with various options such as icon customization, filtering and group tasking

 > Display system tray on the dock

 > Supports skins from all third-party docks

 > Multi-monitor support

 > Minimize Windows to dock

 > More than 80 special commands like CD Control, Empty Recycler, Sleep, and more

 > Monitor CPU and RAM usage, multiple mailboxes for incoming emails

 > Live icon reflections, animated water-like special effects

 > Supports skins for all third-party tools


 > Multiple features

 > Special effects

 > Customization options

 > Replaces the taskbar

 > Handy fallback options


 > System tray icon often gets stretched

 > Minimal options when it comes to screenshot tools

The bottom line

Try Free Nexus Dock for Windows or Nexus Ultimate for Windows to revive your dull Windows user interface. It offers faster access to your favorite and frequently used apps. The launcher serves with flexible options enabling it to dock or float on screen. Nexus gives something different than what other desktop utilities and launchers offer. The launcher is really helpful for users who must use Windows at work.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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