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Norton Online Family Premier Description

Developed by Symantec Incorporation, Norton Online Family Premier is a communication-oriented parental control program that tells your kids how to remain safe while being involved in online activities. With the help of this product, parents can have a glance of activities of their kids on different PCs. This way, they can protect their children against questionable Web content and other types of online risks. 

Free download Norton Online Family Premier 30-day trial now to benefit from the following excellent features

  > Keeps you aware about the websites your child visits and helps her avoid unsuitable content.

  > Lets you decide the time your children spend on their PC.

  > Makes you aware through an email when your children try to visit a blocked website.

  > Displays a 90-day record of what your children do on their PC.  It lets you be aware of the changing habits of your children.

  > Norton Online Family Premier doesn’t involve strict blocking of websites, rather it emphasizes on communication between parents and children.

  > Doesn’t involve stringent spying over children by the parents.

  > Norton can monitor and protect as many children as you have. All you need is individual user account for each of your kids.

  > Capable of blocking content from over 45 categories. These include mature content, pornography, drugs, gambling, sex education, online chat, news, file sharing, etc.

  > Norton can block proxy sites. Doesn’t track the activity if an unblocked proxy site is used.

  > Norton Online Family Premier lets you monitor your kids’ chats as well as their activities on social networking sites.

  > You can decide who your kids can and can’t chat with.

  > Restricts your children from publicizing personal information online.

  > Restricts children from stating online that they are older than they really are.

  > It’s quite simple to install and set up Norton Online Family. All you need to have is to register for an account online.

  > Can work with any Web browser and IM client.

  > Norton Online Family Premier can work on PC as well as Mac.

  > Norton is a simple and straightforward tool for both parents and their kids.

  > All the parental controls are customizable as well as intuitive.

  > The reports and alerts ate detailed and can be easily customized by the parents.

  > Reports do not contain useless URLs from ad sites

  > Different settings for younger and older kids. Older kids may seek permission to open a blocked site.

  > Norton Online Family Premier can set time restrictions for your children. The restrictions include time allowances as well as curfews.

  > Time restrictions work across multiple computers. So children can’t cheat by working on different systems at different points of time.

  > Children always know the rules and the fact that they are being monitored.  So parents can easily take their kids into confidence.

To take advantage of the above features, free download Norton Online Family Premier 30-day trial now.

The Pros

  > Controls and monitors IM services

  > Offers kid-management for multiple PCs or Macs

  > Computer- usage tracking over 90 days

  > Parents get e-mail alerts on violation of rules.

The Cons

  > Can't filter secure HTTPS traffic

  > Events in the log and corresponding notification e-mails are not directly correlated.

Bottom Line

Norton Online Family Premier can work effectively in a multi-system parental control environment. 

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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