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Microsoft Office
Microsoft - 0.33 MB (Shareware)

Having a long historic tradition of productive services and ever-expanding userbase, MS Office is one of the most widely used office tool packages all over the world. Microsoft Office is the standout performer amidst a crowd of open source utilities to help you create various text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and scores of many other drawings.

Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Kingsoft Software - 66.70 MB (Freeware)

Kingsoft Office Suite Free is a complete office package that helps novices as well as seasoned professionals to access a wide range of versatile and powerful features for creating, editing and managing presentations, text and spreadsheets.

Apache OpenOffice - 134 MB (Freeware)

Apache OpenOffice is a feature-rich office tool, which serves as a powerful and reliable alternative to Microsoft Office. Though, the user interface and capabilities are similar to Microsoft office, yet the fact that it’s free makes it a great alternative.

LibreOffice - 213 MB (Shareware)

When we talk of office suites, LibreOffice has always given Microsoft Office a run for its money. Originating from the base form of OpenOffice, it has grown in terms of popularity and userbase over time.